Snug fitting wheelchair for travel

Hi - Mum’s 15-year PD is well advanced. She has high-dependency for daily living, cannot walk, and needs 2 carers and a rotator to move from chair to chair. Her core strength is minimal, she sits slumped to the left, and cannot keep her head raised for more than a moment.

She is in a care home, but I have PoA Health & Welfare, and take her to hospital and dental appointments, and increasingly rare social occasions. I have a wheelchair-adapted vehicle which has proved very useful for a few years, but over the last year Mum has become subject to motion-sickness over even quite short journeys. I think this is down to lack of support in the wheelchair whilst travelling, combined with her inability to brace and support herself and particularly her head, plus of course the depleted communication between head and eyes and muscles.

Even if I could safely get her into a car seat, I think the lack of support problem would be the same, plus she is little and bent and would not be able to see out, as she presently can in the wheelchair.

I’m a bit stumped where to go with this one. I’m thinking perhaps a small-adult sized snug fitting wheelchair, and even a head restraint might help, but add into the mix that she is “a lady who knows her own mind”, as they kindly say at the care home, there doesn’t seem an obvious answer.

Has anyone had to solve the same problem?


Something like a baby car seat in design? My father suffered with ms and I relate this to, to his needs at the time.