So different from one day to the next

Hi all, just a question to see if anyone else jogs along the same as me.

yesterday I was just so rough, stiff, headache, slow,miles away in my mind, poor concentration, nausea and generally not with it. In bed by 9 having a job to move didn't feel like eating talking was an effort so didn't bother.

today awake at 5 went to work, was actually at work at 8 worked well til2.30, home cleaned up did some chores and felt unbelievably so different so why? I have no idea and I find this happens on a regular basis one minute I'm up the next I'm down and out for no rhyme or reason other than that I have PD and have had for past 9 years 

i hate those bad days and it's hard to get yourself out of it I just go to bed now and sleep 

anyone similar?

hi  your post sounds like me talking !!!!!

one day fine ,walking well all day ,no tremor the next ...limping badly,tremor , struggling ..... why no idea but v frustrating


I'm so pleased to hear this happens to others!

I've had pd for nearly 6 years and some days i feel great and can do almost anything (albeit slower than i used to), i can drive the car and do normal every day things! Other days i feel so spaced out i wouldn't trust my self driving, i lose my balance, my movement is very slow and the tremor comes back, I feel so tired and i just can't be bothered to talk all i want is to sleep!

I put it down to overdoing things on a good day and now expect to feel crap the day after. If i have anything planned i work it so i don't do much the day before!

I thought it was just me who felt like this!


Hi everyone

Think it depends how much available dopamine we have at any one time as to how we feel and perform.


bw samdog

I`ve just been diagnosed, and understand now why I`ve had such ups and downs. I am learning to adjust in this strange new world.Thanks all for the posts---they are so helpful.


Hi everyone

This is my first visit and post.

All that's been said before on this thread reflects my daily life to a tee.

Good days are briliiant bad days are total @@@@.

I get through the days by walking a lot, 2 or 3 outings perhaps 5 mile in total.

My wife ( bless her)is my constant companion.

Strange thing is that when I'm having a bad day the symptons deminish after the early evening

I sleep like a log, but wake early. 05;00 / 06;000 hrs.

Nice to meet you all

Take care  Topcat123.

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I, too, am a first timer on the PD forum! I have had the rotten disease for 12 years and am finding more and more the extreme difference in how it is affecting me from day to day. There seems to be no rhyme or reason why one day I can feel ok-ish and the next I am asleep for best part of the day!

I have had to give up driving a car but have recently purchased a motorised scooter which has given me back a small amount of independence, although I have to pick the best time of day when I go out on it and the concentration leaves me tired for a while afterwards.

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself to the forum to see what happens!!


It's down to how well the drugs tie in the dopamine they trigger with the natural dope your brain still kicks out.  This varies each time your food type and timing of drugs and activity alters. Keeo a diary if you want to see what routine precedes your better periods.

Hi to everyone, this is my first forum session too.  My main problem is sleepiness during the day. Not every day but some. I tend to give in some days as the need is compelling! Where can I find out more about the best foods to eat? I am on Requip XL.

I've  lived with Parkinson's for nearly 6 years now and  my days are just as varied.Someone actually asked me recently if it was true that I had Parkinson's, as I seemed so well. Just a  day or 2 later I could barely get up, dress and function normally in any way. It's so frustrating, when trying to plan anything.



I have recently been diagnosed with PD and am currently trying out medication to control the shakes which are quite bad at the moment. I have the shakes in my left arm and cannot write any more. I have little or no energy from about 3pm and usually go to bed around 10pm. In the morning I have loads of energy.