So fed up today

Some days I feel on top of things, almost dealing with it all, and other days everything sets me on edge.

Today is one of the latter.

I feel more shaky than usual, which makes me nervous, which in turn makes me anxious, and then even the most normal things (like my colleagues talking and laughing) really bother me. I feel like I'm in a bubble! Here, but not part of what's going on.

I also get fed up of listening to people moan about what I now class as trivial problems (aching muscles after a 10k run, a bout of gastric flu) - I just want to yell: "At least you'll get better!"

I'm really feeling sorry for myself today.frown


Hi Tabbycat

What you said really made sense to me. Even in stressful work times, it can be frustrating to also have other issues you're dealing with. What you face at work can seem small. Tomorrow will probably be different but it sounds like it might be good to have someone to talk to about what you're dealing with with your Parkinson's.

Others will be along to chat but I just wanted to pop in to say this. 

Hope it's helpful in a small way. Rest up. Tomorrow is another day. 





lots of things get on my wick at times, at the moment this election is, it's bad enough being ill with a feeling of a uncertain future, but one in particular saying 12 billion in cuts to welfare without knowing what they are going too be, i lay awake dreading it until i pass out.

When i awake in the morning, How am i today??, what can i achieve today?? have i got the energy??.

Just lately i've found a measure of solace by water, where nothing gets on my wick and i can do something within my limits on my own terms.but i still know when i've over done it.

I have been negative lately! Have been feeling unwell maybe a virus but it has had an effect on my Parkinson's. Tremor worse also feeling tired and low in mood. Sometimes wonder what is Parkinson's and what isn't. 

I know what you mean Lizzy. Every new ache or pain or symptom makes me panic because I'm not sure what's causing it.

I feel slightly better today - probably because I had a better night's sleep.

Yesterday I was reading up on driving - I hadn't thought about it before and didn't realise I'd have to give up my licence. And if I get it back, I'll be hammered with increased insurance costs. It feels like I'm being punished for being ill!



it's not ness the end of your driving licence , You do need too inform the dvla and your insurance company on diagnosis of PD by law , the dvla will then send you some forms,they'll then contact your neuro who'll write back too the dvla, it does take some time but eventually you should if all goes well be granted a short period licence, i got one for 3 yrs, also i have read and have been assured my insurance premium will not go up as a result of being diagnosed.

Thanks sea angler.

How long did the process take for you - from informing the DVLA to getting your licence back?


HI tabby

you can still drive while waiting for it too be sorted.

3 months in total from informing them too a new photo licence arriving,i think the longest process is waiting for the neuro too reply, the dvla did send me a update letter during the wait, waiting on the neuro, there is a thread on the Dvla some people are having a long wait on a repeat licence issue.

My insurance company said we just note you have the condition.

Sea angler, that's made my day - thanks!big grin

I thought that once I'm officially diagnosed, I'd have to hand over my licence until the DVLA gave it back - it's such a relief to know I can continue to drive while the process is happening.


I had a short license of 3 years but when it was up I didn't renew it because I knew that my reactions weren't fast enough.  That and the fact that all my friends got out of the car a very strange shade of green, wanting to know why I never slowed for speed bumps and asking me if i could see red and amber as colours.

I didn't feel safe so I stopped driving.  I am sure that you will know when and if the time comes to trade in the car for a mobility scooter !!  Until then safe driving everyone.