So fed up

I was diagnosed on the 9th off June 

I dont no if is knowing that you know you have Parkinson's but im so fed up 

I cannot be bothered with stuff ,,dvla have took my bus, car and bike license's off me so ive lost my job as a bus diver 

I just don't know were to go from hear 

when they said its not life changing I'm sorry but it is 

Is there any help out there because it feels like I'm alone in this battle at the moment 

Hi Dave 67,

I'm really sorry to read your post and hear you are feeling so fed up at the moment. Please do remember that you are not alone, and there is support and help out there. This forum is a great place to chat with people who understand, and this page is a good place to find support in your area, including finding a local adviser and support group. 

We also have a free and confidential helpline service - please do call if you'd like to talk things through with one of our advisers. They can provide emotional support, and also give practical advice and information. Call on 0808 800 0303 (Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm, Saturday: 10am-2pm)

Take care and let us know how you're getting on.

Best wishes,


(Digital team)

Not surprised you feel fed up youv been hit by everything at once. It's hard enough deling with each ississe seperately. 


5 weeks after diagnosis and you have lost your license? I have never known the DVLA to work so fast. In the past it has taken up to 9 months for a decision to be made after forms to be filled in by the GP, neurologist and yourself.


I do wish that PUK would not post with the same advice every time that someone asks for help. I think that the poster wants specific, rather than general, wishy washy advice. They don't want support groups or local advisors, or to chat with others on the forum who 'understand'.They want a solution as soon as possible.

Yep it took 3 weeks for the dvla to make there mind up I'm in shock at the speed they did it

Everything I've worked hard for in life is disappearing I mean who is going to employ someone with Parkinson's and no licence now ,,,I don't want to just sit and veggitate even if I did there is no money support available to people with Parkinson's 

Yep life at the moment is not good at all 

Life is not fair someimes. Youve come to an unexpcted detour and it will take time t work out your new pth. Stress is known to mak the symptoms worse, so try not to panic too much but deal with the bit that you need to at the mo. Easie said than done, I know. I found it helpful just dealig with chunks of the dy and tryin to blank ot the rest till later, if tha makes sene. Make sure you do smething yo enjoy each day,

The helpline is good. The forum is full of kind people. See what support groups you have local and spend time with friends, don't get lonely, it makes you feel worse.

Hi Benji, 

Thanks for your comment. I can see where you are coming from. It can be difficult for us to not sound so formal when we're first introducing ourselves to a new member, thanks for pointing this out to us. I think sign posting to our sources of support can be really helpful for people though, especially when they have been recently diagnosed. If someone hasn't had much time to explore the website or contact the helpline we offer these gentle reminders. We understand that people need solutions, we hope that some may be able to find these by exploring the sources of support available. 

As we simply moderate the forum we cannot offer medical or legal advice so readily, but our helpline and resources can. They can certainly help with the issues Dave has raised in this post. 

Dave, do not hesitate to contact the helpline that Joanne posted about. They will do their best to help guide you through some of the issues you are currently facing as well as finding you some support to help you manage. It can be a very emotional and difficult time when you've just been diagnosed, but we are here to help you through it. Have you been able to talk with your family and friends about any of this?


That's terrible I can't understand how that's happened so quick your neuro what's he or she said I wonder ?? Are you in bad Nick cause if your not start making a lot of noise but I've heard it can be a slow process to win your licence back even if you get your car one back at the very least good luck Easy for me to say but try not to stress to much 




" think that the poster wants specific, rather than general, wishy washy advice. They don't want support groups or local advisors, or to chat with others on the forum who 'understand'.They want a solution as soon as possible"

That's precisely  why the moderators signpost to their Helpline and qualified and experienced team of advisors.  There's always a problem with what to call services.  To the newly diagnosed  "Helpline" can sound like its some kind of propping up service but so does "Supportline" and other versions to someone who may be having to seek advice for the first rather than deal with an issue themselves.  All I can say is that when I have used the Helpline the advice has always been specific to my query. 


Hi Dave 

i am so sorry things have moved on so quickly for you! I can't even begin to imagine how you feel! i think it's important to offer practical help and advice! To lose your licence which means your livelihood! It must be devastating! At the moment the DVLA situation is out your hands! You need to look after your emotional health!  The whole thing must be overwhelming! Make sure you have people you can talk with not only on a practical level but an emotional level! Day by Day Dave otherwise it becomes to big!!! 

On a personal note losing my licence was and is my fear! I was diagnosed in June this year! And DVLA are in the process of getting relevant info to see if I will keep my licence or have restrictions! Can't imagine how I might feel! 

I know it's easy for me to say! But try and stay positive and take each day as it comes! You never know what's round the corner! 

Here to talk anytime 









Dave I implore you call the help line they really can help I know I have been there dx at 47 now 50 my pd is very aggressive but it will NOT WIN I WILL I HAVE TO.

take Care BB 

Can I ask Dave what age group are you.believe it or not you can have a good life, see a welfare rights officer and they will sort out benefits,important to try and get peace of mind, easier said than done .remember we have all been there.

There will be a parkinsons group in your area they will keep you right and they have support workers

where do you live?