So where have I been since York

After our meeting in York I needed a breathing  space .So I needed a break. But here I am again full of loads of bad  advice  and deeds of daring do. High guys, big high fives to you all.  Mike

Messing with Penelope Pitstop? ?eek

I heard you lost half your paddle and that you were spotted of the coast going in circles  shouting drat drat and double drat.  Ha ha ha !! Three months your quick 

Away in the caravan at   Rutland  Water this weekend.  Wall to wall sunshine. What more than that  could me and  Penny Pitstop want or need ??????     We are still running.  Rita  (imiss pitstop ) is close to finalising her training  g for the Robin hood  half marathon ..,..... And .. Well just soldering along  in the mid thirties for ,5kms looking for the elusive 30 mins .     Byeg for now it's a lovely sunny evening here at Rutland