So you got diagnosed today?

H all,

We've posted two very different videos on our Facebok page this week but both are well worth watching. The first is called So you got diagnosed today and is by our Yorkshire and Humber Younger Persons' Support Group.

A few days ago, we also posted a video by the South London Younger Parkinson's Network, the powerful Tick Tock. It's amazing to see the work some of our branches are doing.

Do have a watch and let us know what you think?


TICK TOCK is v, good, just shared on Facebook.  Havent seen other one yet, PC playing up.  Thanks


I liked the tic tock one.

but i'm not so sure about the other one,

Ok its trying too send out a positive message too newly diagnosed, 

But the text goes a little too quick too read in some instances and i was left feeling.. what was that? i just missed.


The first video needs someone to proof read the errors in the subtitiles inthe first third of it!!!! The middle section is more promising and the last third, reality to some extent

The second video is depressing; 16+ years ago when my  OH was diagnosed I would not have wanted to see this, despite it being the reality.


       I think both are okay in their own way.Better than doing nothing!