So You Want A Cure For Parkinson's Disease

Why is our Parkinson’s brain not making Dopamine?

Dopamine is synthesized in various regions around the body unable to cross the blood brain barrier (keeping it isolated from the Central Nervous system) and there is no doubt a ‘trigger or keys’, that act upon it; Braking and regulating supply and demand, to inhibit and dispose of any overloads in production.

It would only take a little virus, to hook up upon those ‘triggering keys’, before carrying them across the blood brain barrier, into the Central Nervous system; especially when the ‘good Microbiology’ in the gut and airways are not wholly up to scratch. And the destruction of the Dopamine system in the brain begins (even after the mechanisms within the brain have effectively eradicated the virus).

Furthermore, with these ‘triggering keys’ now being ‘tolerated’ within the brain, the Central Nervous System’s defence mechanisms bound within the Meninges and Myelin sheaths may not be responding properly in order for further defence, resulting in further progression.

So You Want A Cure For Parkinson’s Disease.

All my research appears to point towards a case specific bifold approach; Firstly, in repairing and restoring all the Bacteria ‘firewall’ defence mechanisms (damaged by enviromental toxins and or distorted by antibiotics) within the body and Peripheral Nervous system, followed by medical intervention should the Brain, Central Nervous System not in time, recover and heal its self.

I need a second opinion.

Well quite often a dog may go off a new fresh batch of their usual favorite food containing exactly the same ingredients; and remember the dogs who can apparently detect Parkinson’s. Are they simply detecting the smell of an unacceptable imbalance in bacteria and or the presence of a harmful bacteria.