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I don’t know how many of you watch the soap Emmerdale well I will give you an up-date.
Eric Pollard has just been told that he has “Parkinson’s” his reaction was what most of us have been/going /gone though. He pushed his partner away saying that he no longer wanted her around the house. Eric just could not accept what he had been told, His grandson who works at the local surgery had found a letter and it goes on from there, I will not tell any member to watch it but he would be nice to know our it spills out.
I am so glad this soap have brought up the illness so Emmerdale ITV most nights 7 30


It will be interesting to see how they portray Parkinson’s. Hopefully it will educate people.

HI Bridge yes!!! it is going to be interesting, I am with you all the way

Personally it’s not a storyline I’m particularly looking forward too. I have PD around stage 3, so lately as more things present difficulties, this Emmerdale storyline brings the grim reality home, of what I’m trying not to ponder on too much!
Good for carers though as they will learn what they may have to deal with, but I watch TV to relax and escape reality.
It’s important though that it’s made clear in the storyline that the symptoms and severity each person can have is varied, and that just because the Eric character gets a particular one, viewers should not assume that they will get the exact same symptom and to the same degree.

Hi phil63 i agree with most things that you are saying. I have had PD since 2010 and like you I am in stage 3. The reason that I posted the comment was because you hear a lot about other illnesses, but PD as far as I know has never been mentioned.

Update on Eric in Emmerdale Soap!!!
Well he still is finding it hard to accept that he has PD. He was supposed to go to a meet-up of a PD group, instead he just sat in is car tears running down his face, He is now telling friends that he has PD. but is he still trying to convince himself or others? he told Rodney who was working at the cafe, and Rodney treated him like leaper, this is just my opinion of how i see Eric an actor with PD I will keeping adding to my views. Watch this space.

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