Social Activities for limited mobility


My mother has Parkinsons and Parkinsons dementia. She cannot walk without assistance and therefore needs one or two carers for toilet breaks. She also has no strength now in her right hand so can’t properly feed herself. She is only 69 and is keen to try and keep up activities. I am taking her out whenever I can but i have a full time job and I can’t find anything suitable that can be done without me. They seem to fall within the following categories:

  • For people with good mobility who could get themselves to the toilet and feed themselves while at said social club/gathering

  • Clubs for people with dementia who may need more support but they say you must bring a carer if you attend

  • Events that naturally attract people in their 80s or people with more advanced dementia that doesn’t offer someone of 69 with the right kind of activity or mixing group

Any one got any bright ideas?



Hi katy,
You don’t say where you live but you could look up Balletboyz. They do classes for PWP and there’s mix of people there. Its ballet based but from a sitting and standing position. Surrey mainly.

If your mum isnt afraid of other people around her how about a night of bingo. It will help keep her mind active and can win a few quid. Plus mixing with others will boost her confidence
My prayers are with you
God bless


Does your mum have physio sessions may be able to strengthen right hand with exercise…

I have a tremor and dystonia in my right hand/arm mostly eat with my left hand, use a fork, spoon. Needs some practice but will keep your mum independant longer.
Ask social services adult care about day centres or help with carer provision.
Not sure if pduk support group have facilities to enable your mum to go as have trips, outings.
Check benefits entitlements it may be there is some funding to ensure your mum is not isolated.
Sorry not much help but hopefully there is some carer provision. I do think as a starter chat with adult services if you have not already done so.

Wishing you well x

Flag up main issue your mum needs to have someone to help her if she requires the toilet. This seems to be the barrier to her attending social events as she would require a ‘carer’ to attend with her to assist.

It may be worth a chat with pdnurse about any aids that may be helpful.

Thank you for all the replies. My mother’s hand though probably caused by Parkinsons is actually nerve damage not Parkinsons so at this stage improvement is not expected.

She does need 24 hour care so is actually in a care home but a lot of the other people are older and she says their social activities are to old for. I think she does have a little bit of bias against them as some aren’t age specific in that way - they do have the local nursery in and my mother has always liked children but doesn’t go to it. She has always been a very independent active person and sadly the activities that readily spring to mind - bingo, cards etc just seem like old person activities to her. She wants to feel like she still has a semblance of her old life which doesn’t really fit in with just sitting in the care home but I don’t thinking funding places would see her as isolated as such.

As Tee Hee has hit on the trouble is if there is any social event that would offer the level of care she needs if she goes on her own. She can never walk without at least some supervision but her mobility is really up and down and in a worse period (which of course you can’t predict) she could change in the period of an hour to being almost a dead weight.

Hi @KatyB,

Welcome to the forum.

It’s great to see that you’ve already received a lot of great advice from others members. In addition to what you’ve been advised, I would also encourage you to explore our ‘Younger people with Parkinson’s’ which has a lot of information on local groups for younger people and peer support service.

For more information and support specific to you mother’s need, I would also encourage you to contact our helpline service on 0808 800 0303 and one of our advisers will happily advise you on the social groups available to your mother.

I hope you find this information useful and do continue to use the forum for more information and support.

Best wishes,