Social care services


hi all @ the forum well i have just had a good 1hour 30 minutes with a lady from social services she was very thorough with her investigation and has come to the conclusion that i am going to need some form of help i have a question what social care needs do you use and did / do find them helpful or not feedback would be welcome as i dont know what they are going to provide me


Hi there I don’t have any carers coming into my self as I have my husband there. If you require help I would not say no as any carers I have met have been lovely

I realise it must be difficult and I hope that you get some replies that will help you
You can also phone the helpline and I am sure there will be someone to answer any questions you have.
I hope everything works out okay for you.



Watch out,there’s some unscrupulous carers out there, try your best to get out and socialise a bits better than nothing,hope that’s of any use,bye.