Social time

my social worker has set up for me to go to a craft group every friday for two hours,a lady from the services will take me and stay there with looking for ward to it very much.when i was at school when i did me a levels i got a a for my art work,exam.but now my drawing are out side the lines of a kids drawing book,doin it with wax crayons.but least i look at it and think ive done that,at first it upset me,but now im proud of wot im achieving.crafts will be good phiseo to me hans,and strenghern them a costs 2 pound a week ,we will have a cuppa and a bickie,and bring home wot we made,the craft stuff is provied by them,so i think thats very resonable.does anyone else do simular things to this.and how do you get on with it all?:smile: