Sock Twisting and Slipping off my Foot?

Hey, just waiting for a DAT scan, am sure of the diagnosis as I've a medical background and my history goes back about 5 years. I'm pre-clinical or prodromal as they call it! 

Just wondering if anyone else noticed socks twisting or slipping off on their affected side?

Also, do you all have tremor (physiological or PD) on your stronger side too?



Hi H.N.,

Don't talk to me about socks!! Have enormous difficulty getting them even on, but haven't noticed them twisting or slipping off. My jumpers and clothes all twist to my affected right side. Also my bra strap, on the affected side, is always falling off my shoulder. But I'm guessing you don't have that particular problem?

Don't have any tremors at all.



Both sides for me are effected it was noted in my dat scan, my left hand or even left eye(as we do have dominant eye sight) is my dominant is most effected and it started off as so. I dont have trouble with socks but when i'm sitting my feet are never flat on the floor, on the side and turned in.