Hi there
this may seem a daft question but any tips would be appreciated.
There are aids out there to help you put socks on, but none to help you take them off. I cannot bend enough to reach my feet and always have problems removing my socks when my ever suffering other half is not around. Anyone out there who has the same problem.

Hi Chunky,

Yes, that's right there do seem to be lots of things designed to help you get socks on but not off, curious..:disappointed:

If you could drag your foot along the floor a bit so that the sock is hanging off slightly at the toes, then perhaps you could use one of those "grabbing" sticks to get hold and pull?

Good luck!!
Hi, I have the same problem after having hip replacement surgery, what I do is this...I have a long handle shoe horn, I slide it down the back of socks, push sock off heel and then use the grabber leogirl speaks of to grab the toe and pull off. It does take a bit of time and effort but it works for me.....Good luck.

Radz x
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Hello, I stand on the toes of the sock and pull my foot backwards in turn. THIS WORKS FOR ME, I don't wear socks with my ugg boots so there is no problem there.
Well that's funny mgbird, I don't know why I didn't tell him that, because that's exactly what I do!
i've mentioned them before but bamboo fibre socks are much easier to take off than other materials.
My thanks to all you good people. Now my wife will not have to chisel them off at the end of each month

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hi i have the same problem (but not the chisseling off lol i only get away with a week :)) i found the easiest wey to do it is to sit on the bed with my leg bent on the bed bent towards myself bringing the foot closer to my body. i really struggled with sockering till i tied this give it a go :slight_smile: