Solution for drying problems after a shower/bath

Hi Has any one used an all body drier called valiryo or any alternatives to using a towel after a bath/shower and using warm air instead? My dexterity or lack of it, is making it very difficult to dry myself properly - any solutions or ideas welcomed. Cheers Breeze

We have a bathroom fan heater mounted high on the wall. I use a towel too, but it certainly helps.

I have a couple of towelling bath robes which soak up quite a lot of the water, bit like blotting paper! I find them quite effective and easier to manage than a towel. I’m personally not a fan of body driers but that’s personal choice. A friend of mine uses a hair dryer and tells me it works but since I don’t own one I can’t really comment on that ! lol

Hi I am so glad you have mentioned about drying oneself after a shower. I thought it was just me going barmy. I tend to use the hair dryer to dry those little unreachable places but your heater idea so7nds good

Thanks for the responses. I have been looking at heaters that are upright but to date not purchased anything. Will let you know the outcome in the near future.

Wall fan heater on and warm fluffy towel bath robe /dressing gown with hood (to dry hair) make it so much easier to dry every part of you! Keeps you cosy as you dry.

I use a decathlon watko microfiber bathrob. I wear this after showering while shaving .
Take it off and my back is dry
20 quid well spent

We are considering the valiryo. At the moment my husband helps with a hairdryer.

Wifes hair dryer works a treat :+1: