Some administrator introductions

Morning all.

Hope everyone is keeping dry on this soggy Friday.

You may have noticed a few new administrator names posting on the forum over the past few weeks, so we thought it was time for some introductions or in my case, reintroduction.

Ezinda as you may know is our main online community coordinator, but you might also hear from other members of the digital team including myself, Sharon, Martin, Jennie and Dave. I've been involved in the forum since over the past few years and have posted occasional updates.

As well as the forum, the digital team also look after the rest of the website and also support our communities on Facebook and Twitter.

You can contact us all at [email protected]

Thanks and hello!
hiya liz,sharon,matrin,jennie,dave and ezinda:smile:thanks for the update,it always nice to no who is who,im ali as you most prob nows and been dx 11 half years ,im 43,i have found recently that moderaters involve them selfs in the forum doin posts alot more now,which is a great thing.:smile: