Some advice please

Hi guys,

my dad 71 was diagnosed 10 years ago. He take levadopa/carbidopa 100/25 3 x day and sinnemet 200/50 extended release 2 x day. About 7 weeks ago he got stressed out about a home cinema problem that kept him awake at night.. then a week later he ended up in hospital with influenza a. It’s been 6 weeks since he had the flu, but he’s really gone downhill. Sometimes he’s fine, then other times he can barely walk, gets terribly confused (he tried to get into the refrigerator thinking it was the garage, forgetting and having to ask where the toilet was) he’s been confused whether it’s a dream or it’s real life and he’s been having some hallucinations. He can differ from one day to the next.. or even hourly. We seeing his neurologist on Thursday.. any advice on what I should be asking or telling him?

thanks so much!!!

Hi Goldberry,

Sorry you are having a tough time recently.  I personally think it is best to write a list of things you want to say to the neurologist, that way you don't miss anything out.

Write down any changes in behaviour and give examples where possible.

Write down physical changes like walking problems, balance.

Hallucinations  as well.

The more information your neurologist has, the better ,as he is prescribing the medication.

Being ill and admitted to hospital has taken your dad away from his normal routine and this can be unsettling for him.

With Parkinson's it is hard work to keep going and an additional illness can knock you for six.  A person with a weakened immune system is going to take longer to recover than 'normally' expected to.

Hopefully your dad is still in recovery mode and will be back to his old self soon.

The neurologist can only help if he knows what the problems are.

Hope it all goes well for you, take care.