Some friends are not to be trusted

So it appears some so called friends whom i confined in wants what i have except the PD that is. Quick as a flash stabbed in the back, invites my husband to her house with a minor electrical job that she has and promptly informed him about my application to the council for rehousing and even told him as well i had been to see a solicitor re divorce as to what my rights are. I always knew she was man hungry but did not expect her to play this game and all this is actualy befor i have moved out. Just goes to show some friends really are not to be trusted.

You don't want him she has done you a favour 

It is not that i don't want him i need the person i love to love me as i am now not the person i was. I also need them to stand shoulder to shoulder with me and they need to feel and be proud to have me on their arm. BB

Hi BB,

What a very sad situation.  I'm sure your husband must have been very upset hearing this from a 'friend'.  

When I read your post regarding your husbands weakness, I thought then how sad it was that you could not have talked about it together rather than detail it on a public forum.  Parkinsons, and the medication we take, I believe does change us.  None of us asked for this, but neither did our partners.  There is lots of advice on relationships here on the Puk website.

Best wishes



Just to say thinking of you and hope everything works out.

Take care my friend x


I have read your post and also find the fact that your Partner could not deal with your PD very sad, when he took his vows did he not say "in sickness and in health" how would he feel if the shoe was on the other foot.

It is really easy for someone to turn around and say I cannot cope with your illness, well, how does he think you feel, he can get up and run away from it, you can't.

I am married and when I got diagnosed, I came home and said to my Husband, if you want to leave then I understand, he was mortified, he said that no matter what, he would always love me and always care for me, as I would if it had been him that had been diagnosed with an illness.

I know it is easy to say, but, let him go, you concentrate on you and the people who do love and care about you.

As for the Friend, well, she has shown her true colours and you do not need people like that in your life.

This is the time that you need to stay strong, don't let this break your spirit.

I know people say, that it is hard for Partners to see their loved ones poorly or in pain etc, but it is not an excuse to throw the towel in, they need to step up and fight the fight.


You take care and look after you.

Best wishes

Beatrice xx


Thankyou beatrice and Glasgow girl, It means a lot to me to know there are people thinking of me. Take care and stay safe both of you. BB xx

Oh BB, how sad :( My heart goes out to you.  Maybe it's just a blip and after some straight talking you can get through this and emerge stronger with greater understanding.  It must be a really difficult time for everyone.  As for the 'friend' - words fail me!  Sending hugs. x

Songbird thank you so much and what a beautiful name. As for the "friend" Karma always levels the score