Something less obvious about wellbeing

Hello, wellbeing is an important category on the forum covering as it does all things non medical which so helps all of us with Parkinson’s. The purpose of this post - and please don’t switch off as soon as i mention the word due to bad school experiences or similar, is to encourage those of you who have never stopped by assuming its not for you, to take a look at the creative corner and the thriving - and hold on to your hats because I’m about to say the dreaded word poetry section. Its not a place for the critical analysis of Shelley or Keats or even Pam Ayres. It is simply a place where people like you and me can find another source of support, shared feelings, experiences whatever. You may want to start by reading a few but I really hope you’ll have a go because writing things down creating a piece of work can release anxiety clear your head…make you happy! (and a dozen other ways contribute to wellbeing) Take a look some will make you think or cry or laugh or simply that could be me. And if you want a go it doesn’t have to be long - write a limerick if you like,doesn’t have to be technically correct rhyme or anything other than what you want to say Now don’t be put off if the first one you read isn’t for you, I freely admit some are beyond me but that’s not the point which is it contributes to the wellbeing of the writer and that of any reader it happens to strike a chord with. It would be lovely to be joined by some new faces so I hope you will at take a look and not assume it’s not for you. Why not give it a go, it might open a whole new strand to your wellbeing portfolio.