Further to my post about different generic versions of co-careldopa my pharmacist is still unable to locate a source from SOMEX PHARMA. Is there anyone out there who is able to get co-careldopa made by SOMEX PHARMA from their pharmacist? I would be very grateful if they could contact me with the name of the pharmacy chain such as Lloyds or Boots who still supplies this drug from this manufacturer. I would be eternally grateful for this information as I would really like to stay on this particular generic version of the drug
thanks in anticipation

Hi Grober,
I take co-careldopaon a regular basis, the leaflet in the box says that it is marketed by Somex Pharma Ilford Essex IG3 8BS, manufactured by Somex Pharma Ilford Essex IG3 8RA.

Now it gets a bit complicated, the chemist I get them from is Brennans this is just one of the trading names that Peak Pharmacy operate under, they also trade asTimms & Parker, Manor Pharmacy, and Cox & Robinsons.
Peak Pharmacy’s address is Sycamore House, Smeckley Wood Close, Sheepbridge Trading Estate, Chesterfield, S41 9PZ telephone 01246450470.
Peak Pharmacy is a subsidary of PCT Healthcare.

Hope this helps

Hi George, thanks for your comprehensive reply. I take it that you are based in Eire from the fact you’re using Brennan’s but maybe I’m wrong?? I am based in Scotland and this may prove problematical dealing with pharmacies in England. Don’t know yet but will explore further. I am grateful that you took the time to reply. How do you find the Somex Pharma brand of generic co-careldopa? I find it gives me the least side effects.
Thanks again

Hi Grober ,

Im actually based in central Englann about 11 miles from Derby.
I ha no trouble at all with these tablets.
Very best of luck with your search