Sore dry mouth

Hi, i was diagnosed 6 months ago and I’m a fairly young sufferer in my 50s. I started with a stiff and problematic right arm and then toe curling when walking. I went on Madopar but encountered issues and ended up coming off my meds completely. I started experiencing a very distressed feeling in my mouth almost like the roof off my mouth had been nettles. I’m now on a low dose of co beneldopa and my mouth problem is continuing sometimes with the same burning sensation but also incredibly dry. I’m not sleeping and I’m beyond anxious feeling like this isn’t ever going to be any better than this. Can anyone tell me if I raise the dose will my mouth improve and is dry mouth a symptom of the disease. Thanks

Hi Whitewizard,
Just want to say that a dry sore mouth is not, as far as I’m aware, a common side effect of PD. As you probably know Co-beneldopa is the Generic name for the combined drug of Levedopa and the agonist, Benserazide…
Madopar is the trade name. It’s the Same drug.
The NHS site gives all the main side effects of Co-beneldopa, as well as the main causes of a dry, sore mouth.
Obviously only your PD specialist can advise you on raising the dose. I wouldn’t’ have thought it would help reduce the soreness.

Hi there i have a very sore mouth. Also I ams am so dry all the time so I’m always drinking water. and I always carry S ome with me when I go out. I have also tried the pineapple cubes
Eating them slowly as they have some healing
Content in them it is worth a try. I
Over the last fewe days I have been using lbonjjella on my tongue which does actually take some of the pain away. And enables me to get some sleep.

Hoping that I have not rambled on. Too much.

Hi @Whitewizard I had similar so had a check up with dentist they recommend something which didn’t really help. Then I tried Boots expert dental dry mouth spray which does the trick for me along with cold tap water and cutting back on caffeine.

I too have a dry sore mouth along with small mouth ulcers on the tongue. I had a chat with my local Chemist and he suggested Aloclair spray - this is primarily for mouth ulcers but at night before I go to sleep, I spray my tongue.

It seems to take the ‘sting’ out of the sore tongue. But, when I wake up in the morning I wash my mouth out with warm water (stings less than cold)

I follow this with a drink of warm/hot water (to further ‘unstick’ my mouth) or Green Tea.

My mouth does feel as though it has a thick ‘gungy’ coating on it first thing in the morning but, as long as I spray my mouth regularly during the day it certainly helps keep the stinging soreness easier to put up with.

Also, eating sweets and chocolate seems to make it worse !!!

Next month I have my check up at the dentist and will ask them what they could recommend. I don’t know about you, but, it is the niggly little things that get to you and there seems to be lots of these with PD.

If anyone can suggest anything else to ease or get rid of this dry mouth would be so very grateful