Sore foot and parkinsons

Hi, I am a new member and was hoping for a bit of advice please, if possible.
My husband is under a neurologist who is certain he has parkinsons, however my husband doesn’t seem to think it is. I do.
The shaking started in his leg over 2 years ago and is now all down one side. A scan has shown it’s not a trapped, but the parkinson tablets dont seem to be working.
Can certain tablets work for different people?
Does anyone know of clinching if toes is a symptom? and this causes him more problems than anything.
We are waiting for another appointment as neurologist wants to rule it out before taking him off the meds.
What else could it be?
He is only 51. Im 45.
Any information would be much appreciated.
Thank you x

Hi and welcome to our friendly forum, @cheraty35. Our members are very friendly and supportive and they are sure to want to say hi and answer your questions from their own experiences.

I’m sorry to hear about your husband. Waiting for a diagnosis is very tough. Do you have long to wait for the next appointment? As far as the medication goes, it can take some time to get the right dosage and timing but hopefully before too long you will have all that sorted. You can read more about medications here: Parkinson's drugs | Parkinson's UK. Clenching is actually quite common in something called ‘wearing off’. Dyskinesia and wearing off | Parkinson's UK. This can also be a sign that medication dosage or timing may need to be changed. If you do a search on the forum for clenching or clench, you’ll see other discussions on this.

Only your neurologist can tell you for sure if your husband has Parkinson’s, and once you have a diagnosis no matter what it is you can begin to deal with it. I do hope this comes soon for you both.

Looking forward to hearing how the appointment goes.

Take care :blue_heart:
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Thank you very much for your reply. No idea when the new appointment will be, normally takes a few weeks. I will look through the forum on clenching.
thanks again

Hi. My experience isn’t dissimilar. The main problem I have is with toes clenching (clawing/gripping) along with other foot issues that can limit movement, defined to me by my neurologist as (Parkinson’s induced) Dystonia. Other (more minor) symptoms were helped to some extent with Levodopa. I eventually had a botox injection in my foot for the dystonia which seemed to help, though this only lasts a few months before it needs repeating. Only my personal experience but perhaps something for you to looking into. Good luck.

Hi @cheraty35 welcome. I am male, 53 now, diagnosed at 49. How many symptoms can he tick off from this list?

Small spidery hand writing is another symptom.
Yes I have heard different medication works better or worse for other people. One medication gave me bad side effects.
Clenching of muscles is a symptom and can cause people much pain. This was mentioned in an episode of the Movers and Shakers podcast.

The episode it was mentioned in was the deep brain stimulation one. Worth listening to them all if you’re in to podcasts.

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