Sore muscles

Good morning one and all from a blazing hot Cornwall, it's only 09.30 and already very hot, it's going to be a scorcher!

I was wondering if the stiffness and aching muscles in my forearm, which is the sme side as my parkinsons is, is a natural part of this condition?
If so, how have other pwp dealt with this and should I enquire about physio if it gets any worse?

Tony in Cornwall.
pd causes tenseness, being constantly tense causes soreness. meds reduce tension. lots of other things help - massage, physio etc
Thanks for your kind reply Turnip, that makes sense. I'm now on the slow release 1 x daily 8mg tabs which so far have not given me the immense nausea that the immediate release pills gave me. Perhaps a better pill tolerance will aid the tension!!
slow release is always better - a constant supply is best, its the peaks and troughs of supply that cause many of the side effects.
watch out for excessive gambling, spending, libido, poetry etc
Hi Tony

I had an accident several months ago and I have been left with pain in my right forearm which started in my hand. (A healed fracture was later discovered in one of my fingers.) My PD side is left, but I am right-handed. Some actions – like carrying a heavy weight, teeth-cleaning (even with an electric toothbrush) or applying face cream to the right side of my face - can be excruciating, but I would describe it more as tendon pain rather than muscle and I suspect mouse use to be a likely irritant. Is your problem on your dominant side, by any chance?

I suspect I’ve got tendonitis in my elbow but I don’t know whether it’s been caused by the injury, PD or RSI - or a combination of all three.

(Sorry if this reply leaves you more confused than before!)
Hi Lily thanks for your kind reply, yes the soreness is in my pd affected side. It affects my left side and like you I am right handed. I've noticed it's worse if I'm over tired/run down so I guess it's something else I have to get used too!
Tony in Cornwall.
Hello I saw my neurologist yesterday and told him i have similar problems withh my foot and ankle. he is referring me to see if botox injections will help. maybe you can look into this. good luck