Sorry but what is Duodopa?

I am a carer - while i see so amny different things mentioned on forum, i am completely about them all,
My wife has Pd but is still on original medication and I wonder if she could be doing better.Have to bear in mind that she is 91,
Will be grateful for your help.
duodopa is new way of delivering levadopa ie the stuff in madopar, sinemet,stalevo.
swallowing pills is an inefficient and variable way of delivering the drug, especially high doses.
instead, levadopa paste is slowly continuously pumped through a tube straight to the duodenum where levadopa is absorbed.
it is easily confused with the apomorphine pump which pumps a very strong dopamine agonist instead.

i would think the problem with being 91 would be the actual operation.

fedex can say better than i what it is like to use it.

Hello jackmin, Duodopa is device, a pump which delivers a constant flow of Levadopa , I will correct myself here, It delivers a regulated steady flow of
Levadopa directly to the small intestine,via a external tube which enters just above the navel, by avoiding the stomach the drug is absorbed within minutes and has a virtual instant effect, at least it does for me,It certainly has changed my life for the better, It still needs a bit of a adjustment to optimize its effect
but I expected that and that will occur soon. Unfortunately for numerous reasons
this system is not available to all , in my case I had tried every possible medication and was sinking fast, I was given the opportunity to try DD and I am so glad I did, I know now I am a very lucky individual, the system is costly not only to fit but to run, if you deduct the cost of the many varied drugs I was taking for the same or less effect,then the cost comes down a bit,so that's it in a nutshell, It works well if I can be of any further assistance do not hesitate to contact me. Fedex:smile:
Thanks turnip and fedexlike.
Doubt if my wife could stand the op. but good to know such alternative is available.
Waiting to hear from PD nurse about a possible medication review - maybe not necessary but I do wish we could do something to make life easier.
bye for just now.
Hello Jackmin, I thought about your predicament , I wish I could say something
that would ease your suffering, I am 62yrs , I was diagnosed in 99 and have tried
every combination of drugs for less and less effect, Duodopa was my last option,
and I am much improved in fact some days I am %100 , and it is a long time since
I was that good,I should be honest with all who read this, I almost backed out!!
in other words I was quite prepared to throw all the hard work done behind the scenes ,all the pulling of strings ,the calling in favours, I was going to throw it all back in the faces of all those who had my future in their hands, just how selfish is that eh? I was informed in no uncertain terms that this was my only
option , but the decision was mine, thank god I made the correct decision and I am able to send this post as a result,but just Imagine if I had bottled it I would
be sitting here 95%shut down , my life a total wreck. So I would advise anyone who may be given the chance of the vastly improved life DD can give, do not hesitate, GO FOR IT.
The very best of best Wishes and Kindest Regards to all