Sort order

is it just me or are many of the catogories not sorted by date properly?

I'm so pleased that I'm not the only one. Can somebody do something about it please

It needs the cafe social site first as its the most used

spend all my time trying to find posts,when i do,i have been logged off!!

Forum as a whole badly needs upgraded to be something more user friendly and funtional:cry:

Sort order seems ok to me mow...

LOL I mean "now"!

how about creative corner? thats still stuffed for me

Never read it.

There's some quite good stuff there like 'The Consultant'.

Anyone still got problems?

Hello moderator
any update on this problem?

how a good IT dept works
1) It fixes things
2) If it can’t be fixed it gives an estimate of when the fix will happen
3) If it can’t give an estimate of the fix it gives a time when an estimate will be available
4) It doesn’t act like a black-hole in which information goes in and nothing comes out

Thanks for letting us know abut an issue with the sorting of content. I'm currently looking into this to determine what has changed since a recent database update and cam speaking to our developers about this today. As soon as I have an estimate on when it will be resolved I'll let you know.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.
If you have any questions please contact the Web team on [email protected]


thanks, and sorry for being impatient. :flushed:

There still seems to be a problem with date order.
There are 3 posts for 18 April on the DA-the aftermath thread but they do not appear on the first page and are on page 2 of the treatments thread ...after many earlier posts.
Can this be resolved? Thanks

Hi all - just wanted to let you know that we are still working on resolving the sorting issue which is affecting the order of topics displayed with the different areas of the forum. Thanks for your patience.

Note that the Latest Activity page, which is linked to from the left side of your screen - should still be working correctly and this lets you limit your view to posts updated within your selected timeframe eg 24 hours, 48 hours etc.

We'll update you as soon as we have more information.

Thank you,
Web Manager [email protected]

The issue with sorting of topics has now been fixed. Thanks for your patience.

We thought it might help to explain some more about how the forum orders topics as it has caused some confusion - not just on the forum and here in the Parkinson's UK team too!

When you enter an area of the forum eg Meet and Greet you will see a list of topics.

These are listed in descending order by the date they were created. This means the newest topic will be at the top of the page beneath any 'Stickies'. (Stickies will appear at the top of of page 1 regardless of the date created, as we want this information to always be visible)

As new topics are added, older ones will gradually move down the page. This happens regardless of when posts are made in a topic.

The bug we experienced in the past week meant that the topic sorting was not working correctly - and topics were being reshuffled when posts were made in them and ignoring the date they were created.

When a new post is added to a topic this will be reflected in the right hand column where you can find the date, time and poster name of the Latest Post . Clicking on the small rectangle takes you straight to the latest post.

The dates on display in the 'Latest post' column won't necessarily appear in sequence as people don't post on topics in sequence - and some topics generate few posts while others are very active. This doesn't change their position in the topic list.

If you want to see the latest content posted in the forum - wherever it is - go to the Latest Activity page. This was designed to allow people to view latest posts for a given timeframe eg last 12 hours, 2 hours etc rather than browsing the forum for new topics.

It's also the best way to keep up with conversations taking place in topics created some time ago (eg 'In corner 3' in creative corner started in Sept 2010) which has shifted down several pages in the topic list as more recent topics were added. The Latest Activity page is linked to from the left of the forum.

Apologies for the very lengthy explanation - hope this makes sense! We appreciate that other forums work in different ways and that there may be ways in which this could be improved in future version of the forum. If you have any feedback please contact us on forum[at]

I,m sorry but it seems to me that someone wanted to make changes and did not give it full consideration.
The way the Forum worked before was easy and logical. The latest posts were there to see once you had selected the section you were interested in. For instance if you accessed the "Creative Corner" the first page held all the latest activity. I have just gone in to that page and it is all over the place. When you click "latest" it takes you to a page from July 2008, surely that cannot be right.
There would be no need for a long and detailed explanation if the system reverted to the way it was before.Can we not backup and even though some posts would be lost, it would still be worth it. You could give a deadline and encourage people who are passionate about their posts to copy them and repost after the backup has been safely achieved.

hi bogman
i dont think the problem is with how the data is stored but how the programs retrieve it so it is a question of restoring the programs not the data. there could also be a problem with the indexing of the data, i dont know.

you are quite right that THE FIX IS NOT RIGHT (shouting so admin might here).

'Latest' function is still completely stuffed as it often results in a message saying there are no posts.

I have a poor memory - they say that threads under a topic are displayed in 'date thread created order'. but wasnt it originally in 'date last updated' order?

IF this is so there are two explanations -
1) incompetence - the admin cant remember how it used to work
2) conspiracy - they cant get it to work as it used to and are pretending it always did.
i apolgise for casting thingies.