Sos medical info strap

has anyone else got a rist,or neclace medical info sos ,ive got one now,and i think they are a brilliant thing to have on your ware abouts,just in case of emergencys,so drs,or hospital,paramedicas will no wot meds your on straight away,if you are in a accident etc.:smile:

Hi there
Yes I have a wrist type sold by Talisman. The only problem is that the space for :smile: listing your medication is small. I cannot include diabetic and pd medication as there is not enough space. With pd specialist changing medication still, its a bit of a pain in the rear end sending for new info slips to go in the container. If they could give you larger strips then it would improve things. Some of the other types engrave the medication on which also has its problems. Anyone else out there use these devices ?[u][/u]

yep your so rite chunky,i had to put to thin strips of paper in mine,cus i got a long list of meds for other health issues to,had to get some one to do it for you mind you,you have to rite so small,and no room for the paper,squeeze it in,and push the top on and hope for the best:rolling_eyes:

Hi Ali and Chunky. I suppose the answer is to wear one on each wrist and perhaps a pendant as well. With several medical conditions you would be the king (or queen) of bling. Might play havoc with airport metal detectors though. :grin:

:laughing:christo,wot a laugh that would be:smile:

I think they are a good idea though. For an SOS Talisman, prices start at about £20 for a bracelet and £25 for a pendant. If you're feeling rich you can splash out on a gold one for a few hundred pounds!

Hi all

It's not the same thing - but something that may also be helpful for some people is the Parkinson's alert card.

It's a small plastic card, available from us free of charge, for people with Parkinson's to carry in case of emergencies or when having difficulties with movement or communication.

See for more information.