Spasm / Cramp In Stomach Muscles


I get spasms in my stomach muscles, they get tight and stiff. It’s on my Parkinsons side. Does anyone else get this, any tips? I’m not on any meds as I’m only 48 and trying to stay of them as long as possible.

The stretching seems like a good idea, thanks. I tend to sit flat on my back in a recliner chair for half an hour and that helps.

I had similar issues with stomach cramps earlier in the year. To the point that I could barely eat anything, I felt bloated all the time and when I did manage to eat i was full very quickly. I did suspect it was a PD muscle related thing but went private to get it checked out. I had a CT scan and endoscopy which were both fine. The specialist put me on a drug called amatriptyline which is a pain killer as well as a very effective muscle relaxant and had have had no problems since.

Hope this helps

yes i get spasms and cramps. mine is caused by sibo, breath test confirmed. first treatment refaxamin which freed my arms so i could slice bread and clean my teeth without struggling. 2nd and 3rd treatments were standard nhs antibiotics bacterial overgrowth. for me there is a physical link between my parkinsons and movement. im taking symprove which is i believe is to be used in parkinsons uk tria.l at the moment which is helping my guts a lot. i’m also trying antimicrobial herbs.

You said you were taking amitriptyline - I take it for IBS. After reading the email saying it worked for you in helping to relax stomach cramps I started to take mine - It helps a lot with pain but not the cramps - what dosage do you take?