Spasm / Cramp In Stomach Muscles



I get spasms in my stomach muscles, they get tight and stiff. It’s on my Parkinsons side. Does anyone else get this, any tips? I’m not on any meds as I’m only 48 and trying to stay of them as long as possible.


Hi, you are not alone. I too get this - more oftn than not in the left side but, has been across the lower part of my stomach. It has gradually crept up my left side and is now as far as my ribs.

I mentioned it to my Parkinson Nurse at my last appointment and she has arranged for me to see a Specialist Physio - I go on Friday.

Also, I mentioned it the physio who takes my Parkinson Gym class - he suggested laying flat out on your stomach with arms stretched upwards for 5 - 10 mins. You can do this on the bed or floor. I have felt this does help - that is until I bend forward !!! I have a Parkinson related back problem which causes me to stoop all the while which doesn’t help. Also, which again aggravates my back and stomach, I have several discs ‘wearing out’ which again doesn’t help.

I will let you know how I get on - fingers and toes crossed !!!


have just read through my answer to you and I have noticed one or two spellings and misworded along with the odd word missed out - have a twitch problem this morning so please accept my apology - I was concentrating on hitting the keys and obviously from this I can’t multi-task at the moment ha ha…


The stretching seems like a good idea, thanks. I tend to sit flat on my back in a recliner chair for half an hour and that helps.


Have you heard about presecriptions - from end of June you can’t drop your prescription request into the Chemist for them to take to doctors and then pick up to make up ready for collection by patient - seems you will have to take request to doctors.

Been silly again ……… been sorting out my pots in the garden and planting new bedding plants - will I never learn - its right up to my rib cage to day - purely my own fault - hey ho could be worse. Will let you know how I got on.


Hy, just to let you know how my visit to the physio went or not ………….

I went to the hospital last Friday to see a specialist neurological physio. It seems a waste of time.

I was asked lots and lots of questions which were typed onto the lap top screen and then typed my reply in the relevant spaces. At first I thought they were being thorough ha ha ha.
One of the questions was mobility so I explained I find it hard to walk these days due to my stoop – this being caused by a Parkinson related back condition. BUT, I carried on that twice a week I go to a PD specific gym session and the guy who takes it is known as JD – well, was like switching a switch with the eyes lighting up. I was told he was best physio around…
I expained I had asked him if he could suggest anything to help relieve the cramps. I then went on to say he had suggested I lay on my stomach reaching as straight as my arms would go- thereby stretching my body which in turn straightened the cramped stomach muscles.
This was quickly quickly typed onto the lap top. Then had me standing up straight – which I can’t do due to the stoop I had just spoke about. I was then told it was visible I had a curvature of the back (clever wasn’t wasn’t it – NOT). I was also told this curvature was probably affecting the discs in my back – I said yes I knew that – as the copy of a letter I had just given stated the top 3 discs and one just below my waist were disintegrating. I will explain that to you on another letter.
I am due to go back on Friday so they can see if the exercises I was going to be given via the Friday nights post. Meaning I would get them Saturday morning. STILL WAITING for them – today Monday is a bank holiday people do not work – including the Post hmmmmmmmmmm.
So sorry my friend, I can’t help you at the moment ………………


I had similar issues with stomach cramps earlier in the year. To the point that I could barely eat anything, I felt bloated all the time and when I did manage to eat i was full very quickly. I did suspect it was a PD muscle related thing but went private to get it checked out. I had a CT scan and endoscopy which were both fine. The specialist put me on a drug called amatriptyline which is a pain killer as well as a very effective muscle relaxant and had have had no problems since.

Hope this helps


I received my suggested exercises yesterday in the post. I tried them yesterday and more than a bit stiff today - not necessarily my stomach problem. Will do a lot less today !!! I did go like a bull in a china shop.

What I will do is type up the instructions on how to do the exercises and then let you have a copy.

I have mentioned I am sure, that I have a stoop which is related to PD. Well, I was sorting out my handbag and found a piece of paper that came with my PD meds. It quite clearly says these particular meds can cause a stoop problems including the one I have - it says you should tell your neurologist and perhaps change your meds !!! I am seeing him later on this summer (providing the appointment isn’t cancelled again !!!) so will ask him about it.

By the way I already take one low dosage amitriptyline at night - I was told I had IBS some years ago and was given amitriptyline to ease the pain of IBS. By the way they now say IBS can be a precursor to PD and I understand they are now looking at this and other illnesses which are infact PD related and possibly a symptom of early onset of PD.

Will sign off now but will try to get the exercises instructions typed up over the weekend.


My husband, has acute conjunctivitis in his eye, The doctor said it was viral and very easy to pass on.

Yes, you have it …… despite washing my hands every time I put his drops in, 2 days ago it started - I had thought he was being mardy and childish about how painful it was and is - my eye lid has swollen up that much, I can’t open it.

I am going to phone my PD Gym this morning to ask if I should keep away until it is gone - I don’t want to pass it on to anyone - I still can’t think how I caught it from my husband - he has had his own towels and face cloths - I also changed all the pillowcases and bed sheets and he has slept in another bedroom and still got it. One thing for sure, I won’t ever say he is a wimp again ha ha.

So, hopefully, itw ill go soon. I promise I will let you have the exercises as soon as I can.

Take care ……