I’m looking for someone who has similar symptoms to me.

Diagnosed Nov ‘11 after originally seeing my GP about an annoying cough. My symptoms are more evident with slurred speech, and increasingly coughing and choking. Whilst my Specialist has my motor skills quite well under control, we’ve now been advised the normal medications may have less effect on my eating/speaking/swallowing?

I wonder how many of us are out there and do you have any advice?

I’m going back to SALK for more training, as a start.



Im interested in your topic .
My speech is slurred and recently had a bout for two to three months it was difficult to clear my throat. As a rule, I would cough up phlegm to clear my chest but tchis phlegm and mucus was gathering at the back of my throat and it was very difficult to shift.
Is that the same thing you are experiencing ?

Hi @RyderCupplayer,

Hope all is well.

I see you’ve already received a response and I’m sure you’ll receive more throughout the week. However, in the meantime, I thought you’d might want to check out the ‘speech and communication issues’ page on our website here - https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/speech-and-communication-issues

There’s a lot of useful info including tips to help you with your speech that you may find helpful.

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Im not sure about R our golfing friend but I am currently on a speech course with the therapist, it has helped a little and it all makes sense. I will let you know better when im finished .
Keep up the good job, thanks, Reah

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MalcT, thanks for your reply. I took on a course a few months ago, which as you say is very helpful. I just find that.outside of the ‘classroom ‘ it’s harder to put into practice.
Must try harder, as the old school report used to say!

Hi thanks for getting in touch. Mines more of a dry cough, unless I’ve just had half a sandwich blocking my airway

I have deleloped a very irritating stutter
Then the hand tremors
Since May my left leg doesnt always move on instruction especially after sleeping or sitting for long periods
Now i walk with a stick for better balance when walking the stick helps me know where my leg is when walking even though i now walk alot slower
Im the last person you want to be behind of in a fire
Also i get lost in conversations , forget words mid sentence or i just cant say the word even though i know it
Sometimes its funny in company of the right people but not strangers
I now become very easily irritated which quickly turns to anger
I am now VERY sarcastic and dont care what i say or who it upsets
Some days from about 5am till about 10am if im not doing anything i can urinate enough to fill a swimming pool

Thanks for the link Reah, it’s helpful on a number of levels. Seeing some of the symptoms written means I’m not the only suffering likethis. Also as it can be hard to describe symptoms I was able to share it with my wife.
I met my consultant last week. I never realised that as this progresses my meds are working on the motor parts of my illness and may not influence my speech and swallowing.
I’m trying to take the positives in that for me I have only a slight tremor, and that I have no difficulty walking. I need to put in more effort working with my SALK team.

Hi @RyderCupplayer,

You’re welcome. I’m really happy to hear that the information I sent to you was able to offer you some reassurance. I think it’s good that you are remaining positive, having a positive mindset can make the world of difference to your mental and emotional wellbeing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Take care,