I was diagnosed with Parkinsons 7yrs ago, I have two problems new to me at this time, My speach was fine until December 23 and then i knew what i wished to say but the words would not come out and it has remained like this ever since, sometimes my voice is fine and other times not, I know the voice can be affected by Parkinsons, but it is usually quieter and slower, my voice is different from this.
My second problem is I used to drag my leg, it always felt heavy and the muscles would cramp up and are painful, now I notice i am walking with a limp but do not know why , i have not had an injury.
Appreciate if anyone else experiences these symptoms please.

Sorry to hear about your recent problems! I too have both of those symptoms, firstly the speech, I see a speech and language therapist, who sent me to an ear, nose & throat specialist, to ensure nothing else was going on? Sure enough it was all clear, however I do have a job where I talk a lot, which is now being investigated as a factor, I use a voice amplifier brought by my employer from Parkinson’s UK,
I also do daily voice exercises! Which I feel very conscious doing, but I think they help. You could ask for the Lee Silverman voice therapy, it is a 4 week intensive programme.
I walk with a limp, I have seen a PD physio, who showed me how to walk putting my limping foot forward first, plus to slow down my pace, it depends on the terrain to how well I walk! My medication helps.
I do hope this helps you? Do you have a PD nurse? Or speak to your consultant? Either way I do recommend talking it through with a professional.
Good luck
Little nanny

Thank you for your reply, I have a Parkinsons nurse and am currently waiting for an appointment with the speech and language therapist. I also do daily vocal exercises. I will ask about the Lee Silverman voice therapy, thank you.
I walk dragging my leg and limping is a fairly new sympton,my walking is slow with a limp but I do not know if this is a part of Parkinsons as I have not heard of this before with Parkinsons, but I cannot relate this to anything else. I think I need to talk to my Parkinsons nurse again .
Wishing you well with everything going forward.


have you spoken to your GP about the word finding difficulties? There are other causes for this as well as PD, so it might be worth having a chat with them and getting them to have a look at your leg too.


Hi Podd,
No i haven’t contacted the GP , i will do that, i just wish to understand what is happening to me, it can be very scary to be talking to people and then struggle to get the words out. Thank you for your advice.
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