Hi everyone may be jumping the gun,have a meeting with specialist late August poss
PD.I have been unwell for a long time,DR kept saying getting old aches and pains just usual,had blood tests for Ms Arthristis etc all negative.Have been on blood pressure tablets for years trying all sorts now on Lasartin and Cardura thought myself may be cause of problems,then told Fibromyalgia,now poss PD.

I am terrified what is going to happen as see no sure way of testing as with Fibro.I seem to have most symptoms apart from dont have tremor at moment.
Sorry to go on a bit as I was only going to say hello.
Hi st
Don’t panic! For one, it may not be Fibro or PD. For two, if it is PD there’s lots worse things to have. For three, if it is PD, for most people this progresses slowly. My first birthday is approaching - and I have to say I’ve felt better this year, on meds, than for some tim before.

Indeed, there’s no diagnostic test for PD - but if you’re being seen by a consultant neuro, preferably with expertise in movement disorders, it’s likely they will be able to tell if it is PD or not.

And if it is ... don’t be terrified. The people on this site will be helpful and friendly.

Now, you’ve got me going on a bit, too.

Thanks Semele for your comments the waiting is hard when you dont know the outcome,hut I will keep positive know help is at hand if needed thanks.
Hi Steve and welcome to the forum,
I was dx about 8 years ago and with the help of meds and the people here I'm still doing almost everything I used to.
As Semele says, diagnosing Parkinson's takes time as there are other conditions that can look similar. You need to try not to worry - I know that is much easier said than done.
I hope you find this forum as supportive as I have done

Elegant Fowl
thanks for your kind words,love the name Elegant Fowl.
Another welcome to you, Steve!

I can double Elegant Fowl's 8 years -- I have now had PD 16 years. The good news is that with medication, exercise, and a positive attitude, I, too, am still living the same life I always have. Well, it's the same except that I actually exercise instead of just thinking about exercising. I hike three or four times a week, work out at the gym once or twice a week, and take Tai Chi lessons in weekly classes. I can still play the piano as well.

So if you do have PD, be assured that it's not the end of your world. The first neurologist I consulted (an idiot) told me I'd be in a wheelchair within ten years! If you meet anyone that negative and uninformed, run! For most of us, this is a slow disease with symptoms that can be controlled by medication.

Best of luck! Let us know what happens.
Hi Steve and welcome. I know it's easy to say, but try and relax and not worry about possible diagnosis. It's good you've come here for support and to research things, but try and keep your mind and body active so you don't worry too much. All the best to you :grin:
Hello st, please don't panic, I know that's easy for me to say but I find that when I panic I shut down which makes me panic which makes me shut down and so on
There are many excellent drugs that will improve your life and help you with your
battle, for that's what it is, and you must be constantly alert and not allow PD
or BLACKHEART as I call this evil complaint, good luck my friend, we are all here
to support you if you feel bad.
Kindest Regards fedex
I go along with J , in that the first time I met a specialist he 'off- handedly' just said " you've got Parkinson's " , and when he saw the shock on my face he said, " well you've got 10 or12 years left" . Needlesstosay I haven't seen him since - pratt!

Exercise, the right dosage of medication ( may take a while to get right) and a positive attitude work wonders, and even though PD is progressive, you can definitely slow it right down with your attitude towards fighting it.

Acceptance is another must, rather than hide away from it, face it and fight it full on. I wasted over 2 years , in denial , and just not accepting that I was not as I once was. When I finally accepted this , I decided that I was not going to let it ruin my life - it might limit what I can now do, but I make the decisions and PD has to just follow my lead, rather than let PD dictate what I can do.

I now have a whole bunch of new friends, ranging from those on this forum, to the local PD groups, exercise classes, hydro classes etc., it's opened up an extra dimension to my life, and I wouldn't have met all these new friends if not for PD, so it's not all bad news.

So, don't panic there's plenty of life left to live, even with PD.

thanks to everyone you have made me feel a lot better with your positive attitudes,I hope that I can play piano after diagnosis,as I cant play now,must keep going as dont know how I will manage if I have to give up work even though it stresses me out.Once again thanks for taking the time to reply Steve.