Speech affected just of late

Good morning everybody,


1.5 years ago i was diagnosed with parkinson's and have been placed on Sinemet. Now i start to notice that my speech is not as fluent as it was, i have to think about words or they come out scrambled and also when i asked people to spell something for me i have hassle understanding it and writing it down. Anyone that experienced this as well? I am still work 4 days a week in a call center so if speech and writing are becoming affected i might have stop. Can you share you experience about this with me and also what therapy you followed and if it improved after that? 


Greeting from marijke

I have serious speech problems,  PD has affected both the loudness of my voice and my ability to word find.  When I finally got tired of hearing "What's that?", "Pardon?", "You speak so softly....". etc, I took speech therapy (Lee Silverman Voice Technique (LSVT)) which helped a bunch.  Unfortunately, I didn't keep up with the exercises, but I solved the problem on my own - I try not to speak, but when I do, I stumble over words and substitute simple words for words of the more complicated variety.  Fortunately,  my writing has not been affected. 

I suggest you try LSVT, but, like pea soup and a cold, it may not help but can't hurt.

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Hi marijke

I was diagnosed in 2011 and have always had problems with speech but have coped with it, but just lately I have had problems with trying to explain to someone what I am talking about, I can't seem to find the right words. I have an appointment with my neuro in September so will see what she has to say. So I don't think you are alone on this, one way or another.



Hi everyone - this problem seems to be experienced by quite a few ....I too, have problems in talking fluently, finding the right word or speaking without being monotone.  In addition to my voice getting quieter I find I am either feeling left out of conversations or feeling foolish when speaking.  Does the LSVT help with all of these problems or just the volume of the voice?  

The LSVT course I took was merely a series of vocal exercises designed to strengthen the appropriate muscles to keep one's voice strong.  But if you practise these exercises from time to time, you will notice a difference. 

So far as I know, it does not even approach the subjects of word retrieval or fluency or confidence.  Like Winnipeg Chap, I often find myself settling for smart rather than perspicacious.  My once large vocabulary is often out of reach.  But at this point when I think about speaking up, my voice is still strong.  If I forget about the issue, people sometimes ask me to repeat what I have just muttered instead of said clearly -- an effective reminder.


I am glad to find i am not unique. But working in a call center it is a challenge but i want to keep up with working as long as i can, its nothing to be ashamed off to surrender to not working but its a psychological thing. Although I have hobbies and can fill my time at home i would still feel a kind of being obsolete. I have an appointment in the clinic mid september so i will ask for speech therapy

This is interesting. I currently have embarked upon a course of singing lessons ( I used to be a pro singer, but have found for several years now that I've been unable to control my voice, feels almost like puberty again with my voice breaking) . I now realise that my voice going was one of the earliest indications of parkinsons ( up to ten years ago, though I was only diagnosed early this year. 

I have found these lessons incredibly helpful. Whilst my singing voice will probably never be what it was, the breathing exercises and posture that that have been taught have helped imeasurably with the volume and pronunciation.

i do find that when speaking I will often use totally the wrong word. For example after visiting an opticians a week or so back, I explained to my grandson that I'd been for an eye test to have some new "scissors"" prescribed. Not sure what's going on there? 

I remain determined to try to sing, and also to try not to dumb down my vocabulary, since it feel that if I give in Parkinsons will have an easy victory. There also seems to be a new buzzword neuroplasticity......if you continue to try to trigger these actions, hobbies, talents etc... The brain may find other pathways to overcome its difficulties! 



Neuroplasticity !!!! Am interested in what people think of this thinking - would like to believe this is a way slow down the progress

My speech is affected too. I did have some therapy sessions but theyre concerned with volume and pronunciation. When I read a text from a book, all is well. When I have to speak in conversation, obviously another brain part is involved. Then things go south. Wordfinding is sometimes troublesome. With respect to neuroplasticity, I have high hopes for that. Do you people know the John Pepper story? Look him up! I have improved my gait quite a bit by bouncing a tennis ball. Go figure!


John Pepper is in UK in a couple of weeks, I intend going to his talk on 17th Sept in Shaftesbury. There are other talks in London & Bristol.

How have you bounced your tennis ball and improved your gait?




Hi Supa,

I live in the Netherlands, John Pepper will come to Amsterdam too.

Id love to tell you about the bouncing, but lets make a new thread, I dont wanna hijack the speech subject.


I was a singer years ago, and had made a living for nine years doing it. Then my voice went crazy. Almost like puberty again with uncontrollable breathing and voice box , like a voice breaking.
Tried everything… vocal coaches (three) , exercises ( which helped ) and various throat losenges, sprays etc .
I’m convinced now that the loss of range, control and breathing is down to internal tremors.
Thursday last I took Cannabis oil for the first time and ?
Incredible …too early to be 100% convinced yet , but the difference in just a few days is unbelievable. I really want to believe this will continue, but cynicism and self protection tells me to hold fire a little longer . I’ve dreamt of getting my singing voice back ( luckily I still play keys and guitar , so I’m still involved in the music scene) .
Really hope this is not my imagination .