Speech amplification

My 85 year old mother in law is very incapacitated by PD. She can barely walk, and her voice is so weak that even with good hearing it is often impossible to decipher her speech. She is unable to use her hands to type. Has anyone got any experience of speech amplification devices. She has been in hospital for the last three or four weeks but is expected to return home to her 85 year old husband fairly soon. He has a hearing aid but his hearing is still very poor. We are concerned that they have no way of communicating. My mother in law has not been offered speech therapy nor any advice regarding communication. She doesnot have access to a PD nurse. If it will help we will buy a speech amplification device but need advice. I am thinking of contacting her local Parkinsons Disease Support Worker. Is there a better option?
Dear Svedje,

Recently my husband had a voice amplifier from the speech Therapist. It is brilliant because the patient can hear their own voice better and the carer can hear the patient voice better! win, win situation.
A GP can refer you to a speech Therapist or as your mother is in hospital enquire through the doctor or the sister in charge.
Where I live, you can refer yourself to a speech therapist or the GP. I do not know if it is the same where you are.

Good luck.

Thank you for your advice Natasha. I have managed to get a referral for m-i-law to be seen by a speech therapist. Please could you give me more information about the speech amplifier you husband uses? Is it a fixed one or portable waist worn one? What make is it?
Hi, I only check the forum periodically so have only just seen this ... I am a teacher, and I have a microphone to help in the classroom. It is at school and I am at home, so I can't give you the make, but the school bought it from Connevans at www.DeafEquipment.co.uk, who were incredibly helpful. It was about £150.

It has a pack to wear over your shoulder and either a little hand held mike or a headset,all very easy to use. A lapel mike doesn't work with it as you get too much feedback. It is light and doesn't need recharging particularly often.