Speech Problems

One of the symptoms I had when first diagnosed was slurring my speech a lot - not good for one of the things I do which is a District Councillor and at the time I was chairman of the Council and a lot of people assumed I was the worse for drink as the unsteady gait as well gave this impression more credence. Didnt bother me at first but in the end I told everyone at a big function what was wrong with me to stop speculation.

I now have a lot of times when I start speaking and just lose track all together and cant get the words out - they are still in my head usually but stuck. Comes back after a couple of minutes but its happening more often and twice yesterday evening during a debate on budget matters I lost it on important points and by the time I could get the words out again what I had to say was no longer relevant.

Anyone else on here had similar problems and found a way to help - speech therapist for instance?
It's very frustrating for me as I tend not to use notes and speak as i think and at times I think I've actually spoken but haven't and other times will repeat the same thing several times not realising I've just said that
hello Dickie
I also felt obliged to tell people I had pd & not drunk ( at a family funeral).
I was not aware that I was slurring my words until told so by a friend .I was told it was a result of excess saliva production. Speech therapy did help with this. I do the recommended exercises every morning (out of anybody's sight & hearing!). I understand that singing is of benefit
I do not have any medical back up for this,but I find that doing puzzles, word games, reading, anything to do with words helps with the problem of not being able to articulate the word I know I want to say. But even more so I find that it is best for me to talk to people,, apologise if necessary for my hesitancy & try not to feel embarassed. It is all too easy for pwp (at least this one) to hide away from fear of causing distress to both self & others.
With best wishes
Same here, I had to fess up after someone spotted a tremor and asked "Were you on the sauce last night".

So the funny looks on peoples faces.

I lose words, peoples names, etc. But only when I go to say the word. The best example was at the neuro's.

I had been fretting about the dementia aspect of Parkinson's all day and swithered about whether I actually wanted to know or not. I put on my usual brave face,tried to add a few funnies into the conversation, then came the quiet "are you still sitting there, haven't you got a home to go to" pause. I thought "right Eck go on, ask the question" so I said,

"I've been worrying about the aspects of em , er, hmm, fingmy, em, no, give me a moment (huge long pause) dementia".

He smiled, I still don't know if he thought I was being funny or what.

The worst example of my speech came at a KFC drive thru. I asked for 2 corn cobbettes and received 3 chicken gravy????
Hi All,

The following programme was about an i-phone application for £10 which did the same as a £1000 bit of kit using earphones to tinker with the auditory feedback
we all use to monitor our own speech with amazing results enabling Mark Wilson to give a speech at his daughter's wedding which he thought he never would be able to do.

5 days ago – BBC1 programme The One Show will tonight (2 September) feature Mark Wilson, 53, from Somerset, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's 14 months ago...
Hi everyone I also struggle with my speech it seems to be worse when I`m under stress,cold,excited nervous etc & my speech sounds like I`ve had a few G&T`s. My consultant told me to be careful if drinking alcohol as it would affect me quicker because of the medication I`m taking, which I have found out recently. Its a good thing my friends and family know I have PD but it can be really embarrassing.

The most embarrassing thing is not only do I forget words or can`t get my mouth to speak them (even though they are in my head) I also loose my voice and my mouth becomes so dry my lips stick together! this coupled with a tremor, stiffness & anxiety makes me look very strange (& my husband wonders why I dread going shopping) aaagh please does anyone have a solution?

PD is a strange desease & I just wonder whats round the corner but in the meen time I`ll plod on!

Big C
I agree with Big C. I feel clumsy and I am aware that I am slurring. I have to make a real effort to speak properly.
I am so pleased to have stumbled upon this thread as this is a major issue to me and it is getting worse...I was beginning to feel that it was rare in PD
One of my first symptoms was slurred and freezing speech and as I was working on aircraft it sure gave the wrong impression!
I have had Lee Silverman Voice treatment...which helped me make the right level of noise but articulation and content is getting worse to the extent that I try to avoid speaking....I was recently asked what part of Spain did I come from....sadly I don't speak Spanish!
Meds have not helped at all and this is so frustrating as I do have something to say.
Thank you for bringing this to the front...I shall be watching this thread to see how many are affected by this and how they handle this.
Thanks guys....speech over!:smile:
Nice to know it's not just me and others having problems that are similar. been having a few bad days so not replied earlier. Got the confidence again the other evening to make a couple of ad hoc contributions to a debate and found it much easier to stand up to speak with a microphone in front of me - also have a time limit so concentrates the mind somewhat
My husband has a slightly different speech problem. His voice is getting noticeably softer and he has to make a positive effort to speak up - usually preceded by an effort to clear his throat by coughing, although there's not really anything to clear. Can a soft whispery voice also be a symptom of PD does anyone know?
My husband sings as part of his exercise routine . It does seem to have helped his speech pattern and swallow .. He sucks butter mints that is when I am in the room because he sometimes closes his eyes and switches off!! I also keep some ice lollies in the freezer . for his dry mouth .

A mouth wash and gargle made up of a small amount of Bi Carb in water helps clean the mouth and throat