Speech problems

My Dad has just been diagnosed with PD at 64. He has always had a very quiet voice. However recently he has real trouble getting enough volume to be heard and is finding this understandably frustrating. Speech therapy has been suggested but he has really had his fill of what he sees as "humiliating assessments". Is anyone aware of any dvds or self-help he could use at home?

I am a year older than your dad, diagnosed a year ago. I have real problems with a parkinson's related soft voice and monotone. I am tired of people saying "What's that", "Come again", "Pardon me", etc. This is what I find humiliating. So, inspite of the relatively minor humiliation of speech therapy (I can understand your dad's point of view, my speech therapy assessment was rather humiliating), I have chosen to work with a speech therapist using the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment procedure. The LSVT is very intensive and should only be done with an experienced therapist, but it has proven very valuable to PD victims. I doubt that it could be done without a therapist's help. My advice to your dad is "what's a few weeks of minor humiliation compared to a lifetime of not being heard? Suck it up and get on with it".

After all, we need to be heard to help find a cure.

All the best from the Canadian west.

I found my husbands voice became stronger once he started singing as part of an exercise regime in the morning s, It also helps his speach .

I can email a set of speech therapy exercises to anyone who sends me a message.

I would agree going to a speech therapist is best. I was recommended to go early and prevent deterioration.
I am having an assessment for Lee Silvermann in April. How have others got on with this??

Can anyone tell me how you get recommended to a speech therapist? My voice also is very quiet, or so I m told_ sounds ok to me! Does it depend where you live; or just how bad your speech is? Thanks.

My GP got me an appointment.
Getting help early on is better than waiting.

However the only one who does the Lee Silvermann in our county is leaving in Nov and is fully booked until then.
I am having the assessment and if I am suitable I just have to hope a place comes available or they appoint some one else who can do it or train someone.

Please pass the message to young speach therapists that this course is worth doing so we get more trained in it.

Hi ElleMac,
We recently did a Q&A session with an expert Speech and Language therapist Dr Nick Miller. You can take a look at the transcript here: http://bit.ly/GQasUr

He covers a number of issues in detail including the Lee Silverman Voice Training.

We also have an information sheet on Speech and Language therapy here: http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/default.aspx?page=10543


Many thanks Ezinda. Will go and check things out.

Hope you get your place on course, mandybike.

Thanks Ellemac
The assessment is in April and then its fingers crossed.

Hi Kim
I've just been to a therapist and she told me to raise my voice level and it will make my words clearer.practice saying a few sentences over and over.hope this helps a bit.twinss 99