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Hello everyone!

I'm writing an article for the next edition of The Parkinson about speech and language problems. I'm looking for a case study of someone who has experienced speech and language problems, and who may have visited a speech and language therapist. Would someone be interested in talking to me about this? If you are, then you can either reply to this thread, or email me at [email protected]




Hi Alex,

I have only just come across your post I have been told my voice has changed apparently I have got softer 

I do notice a difference it is almost like it is not me talking even though I know it is, I have not yet sort help out for this but am in the process of making enquires with a local neuro physio.

This Jan \ Feb Parkinson's mag ran Moving on after diagnosis on page 32 that's my story.




I have significant speech problems and have had therapy.  I doubt I would be much use to you since I live in Canada, but just in case, my problems are soft, quiet voice and an inability to find words when speaking, often settling for easier words while stumbling to find the correct ones (as a result I often sound, well ....stupid.) I have diaried the whole process  I went through in my blog www.wpgchap.blogspot.ca.  Had I kept up with the required practising after 8 sessions of therapy, the volume of my voice would be louder.  Unfortunately, I did not.  Fortunately, L-dopa has helped with the volume; although, frequently people will still say, "What's that?" or "Pardon me?" or the good old Canadian grunt, "Eh?"

But no help for the word finding as yet.  Oddly, when I write, the words come quickly and easily, the polar opposite to my speaking.

Go figure!



My husband always moans about my quiet voice and I had help with sessions with a Speech and Language specialist, learning different exercises but it was early last year that it was very noticeable. 

People didn't respond to anything I had to say because they didn't hear me in the first place.  I couldn't be heard on the telephone and working as a secretary in a hospital, I take loads of messages every day. I try to use my big voice but it's just getting worse.

I'm also forgetting what I'm talking about in the middle of a conversation and can't remember the word I want when in midstream of talking.

If this is helpful to you I would be happy to be included in your research.

With best wishes



Hi classic you and me seem to have similar problems I have recently found out that neuro physio  can help with this symptom you can be referred via the NHS but depending on where you live it can be a slow referral I live in Lincoln and my first referral took 3 months to arrange xx

Best wishes BB


Hi Alex,

I have problems with low volume and muttering and have had voice therapy.

Feel free to contact me if it's not too late.



Sorry if i'm too late to help but having reached a point where i was really quiet my speech therapist got the agreement of her manager to give me an intensive course. This i found very beneficial and although at times I slip backwards I have the tips and exercises at hand to pull myself back up.