Speech recognition

I have started using speech recognition on my computer. What a joy! I was starting to struggle with the keyboard, sometimes doing a multiple press. Speech recognition makes things so much easier. In fact I am dictating the this post without having to use the keyboard. It doesn't always get things right but I think it is starting to get used to my east Midlands accent. Does anyone else use speech recognition? What do you think of it?
Brilliant christo!
Welcome and wishing you continued success with speech recognition.
What program are you using ?
Glad it's going we'll for you.

I was in middle of Masters degree when I was Dx still have to complete 20,000 word thesis.if I want to graduate
I thought about the voice 2 txt software
Problem is some days my voice is croaker than my fingers are stiff.

I have been using Dragon Dictate for many years now. It is so much better than it used to be. I don't know how it compares, because I have never used any other. But I can certainly vouch for it working and being a learning programme, so it too would 'get used' to your accent.

The only thing to watch out for, is that although everything is spelled correctly, it does sometimes mishear (especially if I start mumbling!). Editing VERY carefully and thoroughly is vitally important.

I think there is a bit of a myth though about this type of software, that you just get it and chat. It definitely performs far better i.e. more accurately, if you set it up carefully and go through the training programmes etc. and use it a lot.

Good luck with your course.

It is the Windows 7 version.
I use Dragon naturally speaking software, voice recognition. I have it at home and I also have the professional version at work.

It is great for those days when my hands don't work too well. (I did my degree work using it)


I used Dragon amongst other applications which did the job HOWEVER may I suggest before spending money on such software, the best initial purchase is a headset with a decent quality microphone ? It's that old chestnut...GIGO....Garbage In Garbage Out.

Next, your PC has a ready to use built in dictation / voice recognition application. With continued usage the application learns from you.

I am quite impressed with the Windows7 version....Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsSpeech Recognition then the menu items include such options as "Train your computer to better understand you"

Any questions ? I'll answer if I can.

I use Dragon Naturally Speaking on Windows 7 both at home and work. I agree that it is worth investing in a decent noise cancelling microphone and a computer with plenty of RAM.
As others have said the computer learns how you speak and its accuracy rises as you use it more.
Two further suggestions :-

The software works better if you dictate complete phrases at a time rather than individual words. This is because the context is used to decide which spelling of words that sound similar to use (e.g. there/their/they're)

You can learn new techniques really effectively if you get the chance to watch/listen to another speech recognition user.

My employer is getting me an I-pad !!(I am so excited) with dragon software on it.

I have to visit nurseries / schools and complete a hand written contact record which is agreed and signed by me and the nursery manager.

As I can't write they have decided to give this a try. I can complete the paperwork by voice recognition and the nursery can sign it on the I-pad with a special pen. !!!!.

They are also assigning me a specialist IT chappie to help me use it and iron out any glitches. I can't wait!!!!