Speech thearpy and dietian

ive got the speech thearpy and dietian agin today,its helpin me alot.does anyone else have this,and how are you gettin on with it:smile:
do you have quiet voice? mines comes and goes. what is the dietician saying?
I have noticed that my voice gets croaky quite often, is that common with Parkinson's? I don't know. it is like I get a frog in my throat, but it's happening more and more often.

I also seem to trip over my words at times, Very annoying.

i have a quite voice,when meds are wearin off i start to stumble on me words ,bit like a stutter,get muddled up and voice then pays for it.with dietian,its to do with food easier to swollow,i chock on lot of foods,i have to mush alot me food up to slip dopwn lot beter.eat alot of soft food,or mushed,or if i have meat it is put in the blender to tiny pices.:smile:
Hey Hey,

I'm off to attend 20 PK D 'dysarthria' group sessions in Reading, starting in July, and have to be examined by an ENT specialist first.

My voice fades in the afternoons , but comes back again in the evenings.

Nothing worse than choking - its sets of a panic reaction. Mushy food must be very dull - but at least there's ice cream???
Hi Mike

I see you are in Reading, not far from me in Bracknell!!!!. Do you go to the RBH ?

I see Dr Weir and have recently been referred to the PD specialist, Mr Bogdanovicz.

I was beginning to think Jane and I were the only ones to live near here.

There are also a few PWP dotted around Windsor.
Hi Caroline,

I live in Newbury so I see Dr Weir , or Dr Kahn at the hospital there, every six months or so, although I have seen the PD nurse also.

The next appt. is with Dr Bogdanovic.

As I understand it, there is quite a 'pocket' of PD sufferers in Newbury, although I have only met a few of them.