Speech therapy

I'm wondering if anyone here has come across a good private speech therapist, who's experienced in working with people with parkinsons and parkinsonism, in the north of England or Southern Scotland? I've looked up the directories, just hoping for recommendations to help me choose because it costs a week or twos income for a first appt. Thanks,


Hi Rhubarb

I have been taking part in a speech therapy trial since Christmas. I was given 6 weeks on the NHS and visits to my home by the researcher to record the volume of my speech. I have found a big difference in my voice, people no  longer ask me to repeat myself and it doesn't go croaky anymore. I do voice exercises every day (I am no opera singer my poor family)  and it has really made a  difference to my confidence when speaking to people.

It was arranged through my PK nurse  at the Southern in Glasgow.  It might be worth you contacting your doc/nurse to see if they know anything about it and if you are suitable to take part. Even better all travelling expenses were paid.

Good Luck



Thanks Skye. 

That sounds good. really good to hear you've got so much benefit from it. I'm going to have to see a private speech therapist just for now. I think I found one. But any ideas/recommendations welcome.

I am wondering if you have fully explored all the NHS provision?

We are in Yorkshire and our Parkinson's Nurse referred my husband for speech therapy.

We waited quite a while for an assessment but are now on the waiting list for a 6 week course with other PWPs.

My husband's problems are lack of volume and hesitation.

If he had worse problems we would have been seen sooner.

If you haven't a nurse you can ring the speech therapy dept at your local hospital and ask how you can be referred.

Some allow self-referral.

Don't rush to spend on private treatment until you are sure there is no NHS service.Good luck!



Thanks GG. It's got to be private for now.   Hope it goes well for your husband.

just finished with my nhs speech therapist referred by gp really has made a difference !