Speech to text software

Hi there,

My husband cannot write any more and his typing is also an issue due to tremor and rigidity. His fingers don’t move at the same speed as his brain and the tremor often means he hits a key twice. It’s so bad that spellchecker cannot even work out what he wants to say.

He does a lot of work via Microsoft Teams calls and he was interviewing recently, whereby he would usually write or type what the candidates Reponses are into a company document, as it goes along.

Does anyone know of any reliable software (other than Dragon) that could convert speech to text and integrate with windows?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Ljduk, I have used Dragon and really helpful until sever was replaced and lost my dictionaries! Had to retrain all of my words! What Windows is operating? Windows 10 - I beleive dication technology is available in word and microsoft 365 speech to text available but haven’t used this one. You mention above where your husband would usally wirte or type, I would, as I did, contact Access to Word to see what the latest tech is out there, the employer pays a % and if he could get a review through Occupational Health at work/review workplace adjustments it may be a starting point. (this is my experience and aware that not all employers may operate or support this). Good Luck :smile:

While Dragon is a well-known speech-to-text software, there are other options to consider. One worth exploring is the built-in speech recognition tool that comes with Windows.

ou can find it in the “Ease of Access” settings. It may not have all the advanced features of Dragon, but it integrates seamlessly with Windows, making it a convenient choice.

If your husband ever decides to explore Windows 10, check out windows 10 pro key. It’s important to have access to the tools and resources that can make life easier, especially when facing challenges like this.