Is anyone else having problems being understood when talking on the telephone :thinking:

Hi Andy…
My Husbands voice is very quiet these days and he slurs his words most of the time…I have to ask him several times to repeat what he has said… When I ring him he always sounds like he has a sore throat/ voice quite husky and quietly spoken…
I have been asked by a friend if he has started drinking a lot…as she says he sounds drunk!! :joy:
People have no understanding of what PD is all about…
Welcome to the forum Andy…

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I seem to have problems with s

I have just completed the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment one month course with my local speech pathologist.

It is a bit like PD Warrior or Rock Steady Boxing for the voice.

Since completing the course, a number of acquaintances have commented that my voice is nearly back to normal.

My voice problems weer due to a combination of PD, chronic laryngitis from long term Asthma medication and throat surgery that left me with paralyzed vocal cords. It was the PD side of things that the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment worked on.

Exercise does work.