Spinal agony

Hello all 

                       For months  now  I have  had massivehugelyness of agonisinglypain??? in my lower back after  ultrasooooond it showed two prolapsed discs or hellish pain generators may be more  discriptive, so  three weeks ago I was in  Wansbeck for  two  jabs into my  spine , I had  to  have  Genral Anne Essthetic  she  has been at all my  ops  why  and  who is  she and why is  the armed forces interested in me let alone  my health, the  doc  who opt said it will be a week or  two beforeany noticible changes well its  three weeks  now and  guess what  go  on   go on go on go on go on go on go on  oh  please  yrsel   ITS WORSE THAN EVER TREVOR caused by  the  pddrooping stance me  thinks has anyone else had this  bother

Did you have epidural or facet joint injections. I have both every six months. It's always best to lay down a couple of days when you first have them as the liquid they put in you doesn't have time to settle where it's meant to if that makes sense