Spinal stenosis


I have now had Parkinsons for some 5 years and have now been diagnosed with spinal stenosis/sciatica, which may or may not be caused by said disease.     However I am now unable to walk for more than a few yards which added to the freezing in doorways and general balance issues has changed my life completely as I am only comfortable when sitting or lying down.

So far I have been treated with a morphine patch (25mg) have had one steroid injection which did nothing and am now awaiting a second spinal injection.   I am hoping this will give me some relief but have my doubts.   I am not happy to have surgery.

Has anyone suffered from the same symptoms and have had it successfully treated?    I would be so grateful for any input

hi jiveace

                  i also suffer from sciatica ,i am on the max dose gabapentin 4 ,4 times 4600mg  aday ,amitripyline 3 day 75mg,4 tramadol and also have bilat facet joint injections & epidural every six moths ,also two crumbling disc degenerative spine left & early athiritus in lower back i used to have just facet injections every 12 months & pain killers ,nerve ending meds gabapentin amitripyline at a lower dose and this used keep it under control ,now have facet injections aswell as epidural as could not even bare to put my foot on ground ,wash teeth ,wash up. i would say if your not on gabapentin yet ask gp to try & epidural .


           Hello Jiveace and Gus

                   Yes I suffer incredible  lower back pain in fact I never really understood the word  pain until Dystonia  parkies  mate arrived in my brain,  I have  been on gabapentin for  nearly  yrs and tried a few other versions of pain relief all to no avail so  to avoid the  back pain and the shutting down  I bought a reclining chair which gives instant relief , its adjustable to any position  definately  recomended my  consultant simply dismissed it as posture problems..

                                                       many regards  BROADSWORD

hi the best thing i have found is the sauna & steamroom only over the road from my house big plus !

Hi gus.   I have been on pregabalin for some time now, although not the dosage you describe.    It was recommended that I upped the dosage to very high amount but found that it made me into  sleeping zombie! I am due to have another epidural next week in a slightly different position but have not heard about bilat facet joint injections - is this normally included with the epidural?

Perhaps I should try the additional dosage of pregabalin too.

I did have tramadol but it never did the trick for me.    As mentioned in my post I am now also using a butrans patch 25 mg but this is also fairly ineffective.

It sounds as though you have major problems;   Pain like this is so difficult to deal with and there doesnt seem to be any one solution.

I thank you for your contribution and it sounds as though you have a very unsympathetic consultant, perhaps he would like to endure the same thing and see his reaction then.

I find sitting down and lying down gives relief but of course as soon as I try to walk more than a few yards the pain is excruciating.    I would like to try and live as normal a life as possible and for that reason have bought a motorised scooter so that I can at least get out and have some fresh air!   Wish you well though

thankyou for advice.    No sauna in my area though

hi jiveace

                      i had the bilat facet joint injections for a very long time for the lower lumber back pain,then i started getting very bad sciatica so have been having these for the last three years now every six months & this injection is in my coxic area .

Hi Gus,

were you ok to paraglide with this condition?  It looks amazing!



Hi ali

                   to tell you the truth i was not going to do it,my wife wanted to & i thought i can not stand it if my wife done it & i didn't so i bit the bullet & did it ,i did not tell the instructor that i had pd as i did not want them to say no,anyway my wifes instructor had his 10,000 jump the week before & also had lung removed wow so when they were up in air my wife told him i had pd , & dbs so when we landed &, went back for dvd photos ,film he was amazed that i had pd,dbs & said they would have put some safety measures in place if i had told them had pd ! then he was so proud of me ,i suppose as he had gone through cancer he gave me my dvd ,photos free wicked ! it was out of this world me & wife will do it again.when we were up 2800 metres up we also done tricks ie dive & twirls

Hi Gus,

it really does sound like an incredible experience!  Although, I wasn't thinking of PD being an issue, more you're spinal problems.



I had a spinal stenosis about a year before my diagnosis with PD.  For 6 months I suffered.  I couldn't walk more than a couple of feet without excruciating pain.  I tried drugs (morphine), massage, physio, chiropractic, laser, acupuncture and steroid injections.  Nothing helped.  Finally I had the surgery and a minor miracle occurred.  I had very little pain following the procedure, minor pain that gradually diminished until, 3 weeks post, no pain and I remain pain free 6 years later.  Get the surgery, it will give you back your life.

hi alli

            i always seem to be without pain when on my hols !

thankyou very much

Thankyou for that.    I have considered surgery but am concerned to have it as sometimes it does not do the trick.     Who was your surgeon ?

perhaps a permanent holiday is the answer!

6 months home  & 6 months abroad in the sun !

That'd do me! 


I have a spinal injury : deformation that affects my Sciatic nerves.

Physiotherapy and specific exercises to decompress the spine have kept me away from the surgeon. Also be sure to drink enough water especially before laying down to sleep, for during this time the spinal discs can reabsorb fluid and recover from the compression of load they carry when you are sitting or up and about.

I hope this helps.

Hi again Jiveace,

Here is a link to the exercises I do to cope with my Spinal Stenosis   https://sites.google.com/site/beauxreflets/keep-fit  

As your Stenosis will be specific to you - Please speak with your GP and see a Physiotherapist to help you in the first instance.

Best wishes