Is anyone else experiencing difficulties obtaining Spiroco? it appears there are problems with the manufacturer Teva

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Hi @davech,

Depending on which strength you are on, the 4mg tablets were recently discontinued, which could be having an effect on availability.

You can reach out to the Teva Customer Services team and ask any questions you may have about Siroco supplies in your area. They can be contacted on 0800 590502 or by email [email protected].

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Over the past couple of years my wife has experienced difficulties on occasion getting her medication due to supplier shortages.

Action i would suggest if anyone has similar experiences

  1. If you get your prescription from the main pharmacists (Boots, Tesco, Loyds) insist that they keep you informed if they are having problems sourcing your medication. The bigger pharmacies are quite remiss in doing this which leads to delays in getting your medication re prescribed.
  2. Raise a customer complaint if they do not comply
  3. Notify your GP’s surgery immediately of the brand name of the medication and ask them to prescribe a generic equivalent.
  4. Consider changing to a smaller Independent pharmacist who are not tied into contracts with the major suppliers like the big boys are and will shop around to find your medication for you
  5. Do your research on the internet and if necessary canvass your MP, your local Health Authority or the Secretary of State for health & Social Services.

Hope this helps.

I received an e mail from someone experiencing problems with Sinemet and cocareldopa but cannot find it or the post they referred to on the forum. Any chance Admin can trace it as they asked for my wife’s experiences