Sport and Stamina

Hello. I'm 63. Diagnosed 4 years ago. Symptoms mild: weak left arm and leg, tremor left arm probably when stressed, loss of dexterity left hand, scuff left foot, hands sometimes swell and become purple. Often sleepy. Thighs feel very week after minimal exertion. Self conscious about limping round the squash and badminton courts with non PDP, so less active now, consequently putting on weight, slower movement and slower reaction times on court.

Searching Parkinson's literature I could not find much about stamina or how to train and keep fit to play sport. I cannot understand what happens to the strength and stamina that builds up, or should do, from training and playing.

I'm not a good player but do enjoy the physical activity and social interaction that comes with badminton. I would like to hear from other sports people with PD about their experience and any solutions they found helpful.

Recently on BBC "The Truth About Exercise" seems to suggest high intensity cycling for short periods on an exercise bike can be more effective than exercising longer at a slower speed (my understanding, depends on genes, and not PD specific). I was thinking of getting an exercise bike to do this at home, as I don't like gyms. Perhaps better, a Cross Trainer as I want to strengthen all my body for better posture and fitness. But I don't want to buy more than one exercise machine, or the wrong one.

Any suggestions or thoughts welcome.

welcome to the forum.

I don't know what exercise regime is best but I am sure that remaining active as long as you can is an excellent idea. It is an excellent idea for everyone even those without Parkinson's. In addition to the physical benefits your mood and thinking will benefit from the fact that you are doing things actively to fight the condition.

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Hello Figaro and welcome,

My husband ran a marathon in his early days with PD but found he couldn't swim where as others swim all the time.It is best to keep up what you can do and badminton is such a inter-active game that I would think, keep going as long as you enjoy it.Many branches have short mat bowls groups or some other keep fit programmes.
best wishes