Sports Therapy

Has anyone else had a Sports Therapy Treatment to help alleviate pain and stiffness?

I see a Sports Therapist  who suggested  that some treatment might help and has since become my saviour. When I go to visit my family in the North I go for a two hour treatment and come away feeling absolutely elated and virtually pain free in my legs.

She is wonderful and tells me that treating me has put a whole new perspective on Sports Therapy (it's not just for sport injuries). She has to think carefully everytime she sees me as my PD presents itself differently at each Therapy session and she treats me accordingly. I have learnt so much from her about my muscles and how my body works ( or is supposed to work). I admit that sometimes the pain is off the scale and I have uttered obscenities and nearly hit her, but feeling the stiffness or pain melt away is worth it. The respite it gives me can last for a few days.

Many of her colleagues were sceptical about her treating someone with PD but she was reassured when a respected tutor who had overhheard acknowledged and praised her for channeling her skills in a different direction. She submitted a case study about me and treating Parkinsons for her final assessment.