Spring cleaning

My beloved has embarked on the traditional spring clean ,this consists of disassembling the house to the last house brick, " I kid you not" the very construction of our home is under threat in her persuit of the last speck of dust
she suffers with asthma and the clouds of dust produced by the ( CLEANING )activity makes her quite ill, and despite my pleas she will not desist on two occasions I had to take her to Hospital her asthma was so bad, I do not understand
why clean parts of my home that wont be seen until the building is demolished, is this normal behavior, am I too laid back, as in a blind man on a galloping horse
syndrome, are male and female minds wired differently.
STRANGE Kindest Regards Fedex:disappointed::frowning:
Hi fedexlike,
We have just employed an East European lady to do our housework.
It took her two hours to hoover the lounge carpet this morning.
My wife says that she`s Latvian......I think she`s a Slovac :laughing:
Yes, I know, I need to get out more.
Hi, fedexlike --
On behalf of the female sex, I'd like to say that not all of us are given to such thorough cleaning in spring -- or any other season, really. I have more a sweep-it-under-the-rug tendency myself. My late husband was the "neat freak" in our house. I finally gave up housecleaning entirely after several incidents of cleaning a kitchen counter or piece of furniture, only to see him cleaning it five minutes later! Now I have a housekeeper -- but not a Slovac, Jacko!
That was brilliant Jacko, but try a Dyson they are better,??? what?:rolling_eyes: