Hi, both my parents have Parkinsons, mum was diagnosed when she was 50 (now 74) and dad was diagnosed approximately 6 years ago (now aged 81)......all was as good/manageable as is possible with them both plodding along and coping with  the ageing process until recently when my dad had a massive stroke which has left him a confused but still able.  The reason I've joined the forum is to get advice of disability aids that have helped anybody with anything.

Firstly.....mum struggles to eat and I'm looking at cutlery and have no idea which ones might help...we cut up her food but she struggles to coordinate spoon to mouth....any ideas?????

Secondly....dad has started to 'wander' can anybody advise of a good tracker that would monitor him during the day....again any recommendations????

I would like to add that  recently I purchased a car bar handle gadget to help get my mum in and out of the car and it has been fantastic and saves my back just in case anybody is struggling like I was it's defo worth a tenner.

Both my parents have different symptoms from their Parkinsons, mum had the 'stiff' kind and has lost the use of her legs and dad has the 'shaky' symptoms but can still walk.....and I just want to keep their lives as easy as poss (and of course my own) - thanks to anyone who replies

I would suggest that an assessment  by an occupational therapist might save a great deal of trial and error of purchasing  items which may prove to be unsuitable.



It must be difficult for you but there are allowances/benefits for professional carers and with you doing your bit should share the responsibility.  benji talks sense talk to adult services, gp, pd nurse etc get a professional assessment for equipment.  It is important your parents get the best advice and care available.