Square dancing

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Thank you but we do English Country Dancing which is similar to Square Dancing. Square Dancing was what happened to English Country Dancing when it travelled to the U.S with immigrants.Later it returned in its present form. Whilst I do not want to put anyone off the following should be remembered.Yes,square dancing is done at a walk but a faster pace than English which is less complex but often more vigorous. give it a go but if it does not suit you try English sometimes called Ceilidh dancing.(Yes,you Scots,we have stolen your word)If you are anywhere near Devon in the next month do go to Sidmouth.There is a festival, so you can try both.There is even dancing in the street.We are off there now.Look out for a man with grey hair and beard and a bad tremor as that will be John.
SORRY.That should read the next WEEK. It runs from this Friday until next Friday evening when it finishes with a firework display.Dancing and singing takes place all over the town.
Hi ECD, Have a great time. Is John still calling and singing?
I still sing in two chors (NOT at the same time!! :rolling_eyes:) but voice not "perfect" these days!
Best wishes to you both!

I would love to dance again but I am not sure I am able but if I was are ther any square dancing places in Norfolk - can't seem to find any