Stage 2

hi morning to you all,,
I think I am in stage 2 pd. Any ideas what to expect? I have pain in my feet,my muscles are tight,feels more like ms, I even dreamed I had leg braces to help me walk.Think am going on bit of a downer cos tearful for no reason, I hate feeling like this. Normally optomistic ,the world is grey to black today,and, I CANNOT COPE.....:frowning::angry::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

sorry to hear you are not feeling good. i think the stages are a somewhat artificial segmentation - but yes we all know that without a treatment that at least slows down the 'progress' of the disease, we will all get a lot worse. (not doing a good job at cheering up am i?) but (theres always a but) the scientists are gradually picking their way through the knot that is parkinsons. I dont think thats just wishful thinking. But (two buts!) everyones disease takes a different route and the progress often slows down bit and there are symptoms that affect some more than others. So... thats - it may never happen and when it does there is variation.
so thats cheered you up - no? then i suggest a dose of frank spencer, i watched that with the children and we had hysterics. i had forgotten how funny it was. nearly peed meself (see daily life)
Hi Neenag, I agree with Turnip that stages are false because my observation of my h for whom I care is that many times he has appeared to me that he has moved on a stage to the point where I am suggesting we see the neuro for pill change which will help when it all reverses a bit and the visit no longer seems neccessary. Sometime I find if he is a bit more stressed or has been doing more then more symptoms show and these can go away again with relaxing more and sometimes having a bit of time lying in bed or in the sunshine if its there. You say you feeling tearful well maybe you are feeling a bit down, naturally , as we all do from time to time and I KNOW that moods temporarily affect parkinsons. SO yes try something you enjoy and dont label yourself as being at some false label called stage 2 by the docs who do this to just try and make it all sound neater than it is love Sunray hope helps x
I keep telling myself that if the sun came out it would all look different. So hard to be positive about anything at the moment. I am trying to change my address at the bank, they would not do it over the phone because I am not registered for online banking. ok they will send me a form. Form says that if I hand it in at local branch I must show photo ID, if I post it, that's fine..............
hi neenag,turnip and sunray are rite,stages dunna try to think of it that way,it like a label on for the tears neenag,as you most probs no ,pd can bring emoutions comin very fast,goodness now why it happins neenag but it does,unfortunally, huge hugs to you :smile:you say bout pain in feet,muscles and feelin like ms.both disease simular to one another.wot meds are you on neenag?anyway for today to take that gloom away,get your self anice cuppa and a bickie put feet up in front of tv,and relax,have a me day neenag,you deserve it x:smile:
My husband watches a lot of the GOLD channel on the TV it lightens his mood even though he has seen them many times . Something else I have found is that during the darket nights and curtains drawn earlier instead of just putting lamps on I keep the central light on as well that seem to cheer him as . On darker days I also make sure I keep some small lights on that makes things look brighter . Damm the expense can't take money with you when you eventually go .
Hello Neenag,

So sorry you are having a bad day, I agree with turnip watch some good old fashioned show's we have lots of dvd's of things like dads army it ain't alf hot mum and some newer ones, also if you can play scrabble that soon passes the time. If you can't watch tv how about some tapes of hancock and others and just lie down, you may be surprised how much better you will feel. Sometimes I would get my husband out for a drive somewhere when he was down, its just something to break the mood. With regards to your symptoms I think it would be useful to speak
to your PD nurse or consultant because sometimes it's because your meds do need changing or increasing and then again don't put everything down to PD which is so easy to do.
I am just off to do a talk on Dogs for the Disabled with my dog, when all I really feel like is going to bed , but I am sure I will enjoy it once I get there.
Cheer's everyone
best wishes
I don't know if any of you are aware but sometimes when you may have a cold or a touch of flu, you don't really feel like it, but your medication doesn't work as well it is often down to that if you know what I mean.
Hi every one.thankyou for your replies. I know I have worked too much over the last week and I find it hard to relax cos if I sit down I fall asleep. My husband complains that I never stop doing things...but thats me. I have to do things while I can because one day I wont be able to do anything.I push myself too hard.I cannot cope any more with work. I need to give up.Im always worried about falling or over balancing. really I just want to sleep for a year.

love neenag xxx
hi neenag,im the queen of sleep at the mommement,its crazy,so i deffo no wot your speaking about,its not nice feelin noddin off when you sit down some were.i dont work no more neenag,i stopped 6 years ago,but ive had pd 11 half years,we are all different and cope in different ways thing is i guess,is speak to your hubby bout how you feel,if your finanises are ok for you to leave,well it mite just be a good idea now as your struggling with things,and there is benifits that can be claimed,may be speak to the helpline neennag,ino they have expercience about helopin ,guidence about benifits to help people.your the only one who nows how you feel neenag,and im sorry to here your not feelin to good rite now big hugs,as you no you will have all your friends here and surport from the community members,big hugs x:smile: