Stairs=Evil nemesis


Hi everyone, I wondered how people find using stairs? I feel about 50 years older than I am when using stairs, today I had to attempt to hurry going up and back down to catch a train and after that it felt like my legs had been filled with cement! Does this sound familiar to anyone? Ill remind people I havent been diagnosed but I have a lot of PD symptoms, waiting to see a neuro


Strangely enough, my husband can climb stairs easily, but sometimes faces problems on the flat!

Everyone's different in Parkinson's !




   Hello and Good Morning, Beeeeautiful Lyady.

                 " Thats Beautiful lady typed in Italian"




        I know we have chatted over the last few days but reading your numerous posts you seem to have all the symptoms relating to parky, you are very young and it saddens me greatly but you have, believe it or not a distinct advantage over us oldies you have time Suzy and that means that when some bright sparking young handsome un- married young or very close to your age wealthy  kind  caring young scientist or doctor or even better  NEUROLOGIST, who has a affinity for Brunettes, being young you are more likely to reap the  benefits of the breakthrough, when it comes which it will Suzy and in the meantime there are very effective drugs which will have you feeling much much weller than presently you feeling are, it took me a while to find the optimum effect medicine,  Madopar and Tolcapone, a  very effective combination  then eventually as parky had the upper hand, my fantastic team at NTGH  Jubilee Wing secured funding for the Duodopa  sytem, you can find out about  Ddpa, on you tube, but you wont need it you can defeat BLACKHEART  Suzy you have a strong  heart and even stronger personality so give parky  a kicking you know you can do it ,and a cure is nih once again go on the Michael J Fox sites lots of usefull infoforu.

                         Be strong young lady, you can help all of us by taking up arms and punishing the beast

                                Im off to the shops now bye for now           FED     yOuu will notice I can behave very sililly (is that a word ) but I take PD very seriously,,  bye this time,be good,          Fed


Hehe I like your silliness Fed! :-) yeah your right, if I do have it I may be young enough to see a cure but just finding an effective treatment would be awesome! Its ok you dont have to be sad for me, I guess in a way its good ive never known being well or pain free really so I dont know what im missing! Although on the other hand its a real shame. Hope your trip to the shops went ok x


Well since falling down our staircase a few years ago from top to bottom, breaking my shoulder (collar bone) ouch !! in the process, i just dont do stairs unless its some kind of   emergency.  Fairplay to my specialist and  occupational therapist i was very lucky to get a council grant for a downstairs bedroom & shower room combined, of which is a true god send, makes a hell of a differance to my everyday life, so lucky for me a stairs is a big no no for me

                                                                    welshbearuk aka Hugh


Sorry you had a fall Hugh, yeah when I was getting paralysed all the time about 8-9 years ago I had everything downstairs, we have a downstairs toilet but no shower or anything, I had to have bedbaths anyway! We had another bannister fitted the other side so I can pull myself up the stairs, I can use the stairs but I find it very hard, I think its mostly my leg weakness that makes it tricky