Stalavo - side effects

I have just changed to stalavo from sinemet and had a very bad reaction to it. I had been taking the stalavo for2 weeks before this episode
I got swollen ankles, but the Stalevo works better than Sinemet....ggood luck
My husband took Stalevo and suffered very bad side effects.
He thought he had flu and stopped taking it just to make sure.
He felt fine and started taking it again after a few days and the aching, sweating, fatigue started again.
The Parkinsons nurse told us that about 1 in 10 people suffer this reaction and he needed to stop and go back on the Sinemet.This he did.
He was fine again after a few days and so we decided Stalevo sadly wasn't for him.
He is OK now and has substituted dispersible Madopar for the doses before and after his evening meal as he found the Sinemet didn't work after his main meal.
Hope this info is of use.
Good luck with finding what is right for you.
Is there a difference in Sinemet and Madapor . My husband has been on Sinemet for about 4 years along with Neuro patches . Cant say I have found any of them much help for him ..